The potential for peace in Syria but at what cost?

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These so called safe zones are in "rebel held" territory, it sounds very much to me like the beginning of the end for Syria and instead the beginning of the partitioning of the country. Which as reprehensible as that would be threatens to spark further conflict particularly if the Kurds are given their own state or given some kind of unofficial stated as they (as I understand it control the water supplies). Perhaps I have misconstrued this aspect but with a weakened Syrian armed forces, the Kurds are going to be galvanised.

If this indeed the case, then this is not a capitulation by the west, instead of which these were chess pieces being moved on the board knowing that full control and overthrow of Syria may not be possible but the deconstruction of Syria could be realised. You need only look at the many actors now active on the ground in Syria, the long term occupation by America, by Turkey, by Russia, now with the UN overseeing some kind of role, to see that Syria is being carved up.

If you think this is an incorrect reading of the situation then by all means I would appreciate my assertions being challenged and or indeed blown to smithereens. The Syrian people are under a daily bombardment, regular slaughterings, beheadings, mass rape, just the most heinous vile disgusting treatment and all the while the media demonises the institutions of Syria as being the enemies of mankind.
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