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Mayan Overview of Evolution of Consciousness
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 9:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

And I thought that I was obsessive.....

Once you realize that the creative energy that suffuses the universe breathes in and out in regular periods and that both are just different (and necessary) polarities of the same pulse......the rest is just window dressing.

The origin was not polarized but to manifest in the duality of nature, polarization was necessary. We ourselves (our spirit selves) were fractured into the dualized components that we observe today. The purpose is to rebalance ourselves and re-integrate with the source thus bringing to it the refreshed and replenished awareness of existance.

Consciousness is just the attainment of this awareness.

The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 11:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dr. Calleman's newest graphic:

Link Here: http://mayaportal.lucita.net/galactic_underworld.html
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2007 1:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

During the Classic period of Maya civilization, which began around 250 A. D. in central America, a calendrical system, which was much older than that in its development and use, employed two intervals of time simultaneously in its articulation of the solar year which were divided into groups of 260 and 360 days respectively.

The first group of day-names was called the tzolkin and was counted by combining 13 numerical coefficients with 20 names (13 x 20 = 260) in continuous and unbroken sequences over a long period of time.

A second group of day-names, called the tun, was created by counting 18 months (uinal) with 20 days (kin), and/or numerical coefficients, in each one (18 x 20 = 360).

An additional 5 days, called uayeb, were added to the 360-day interval to bring it into closer correspondence to the solar year which is 365.2422 days in length.

This secondary interval of 365 days was called the haab.

In actual calendrical practice, the Maya counted days by combining the 260-day interval with the 365-day interval in continuous and unbroken sequences which did not repeat a combination of tzolkin and haab designations for 18,980 days. This interval is referred to as the Calendar Round (CEyes roll.

An additional method of counting time, and one which directly utilized the 360-day interval of the tun, in place of the haab in the CR, was also employed by the Classic period Maya.

This interval, known today as the Long Count (LC) notation, was composed of a five-place notational structure (written as, for instance), which accumulated a total of 1,872,000 days before it reached one terminal point and began over again, without pause or interruption, for yet another sequence.

Calendar Round day-names were used in conjunction with the LC notation in exactly identical and repetitious sequences. The 360-day interval in the above example is represented by the number in the middle place (4) and signifies at total of 4 x 360 days (1,440). The sequence of Maya days began at a temporal position expressed as 4 Ahau 8 Cumku and ended when the count reached 4 Ahau 3 Kankin, 1,872,000 days later. Again, in the example above, 12 Lamat 1 Muan occurred 1,412,848 days after the initial date at 4 Ahau 8 Cumku.

This interval is computed by adding the values in each place; that is, 9 x 144,000 + 16 x 7,200 + 4 x 360 + 10 x 20 + 8 x 1 = 1,412,848 days. Every day in the Maya LC notation can be computed using these constants (144,000, 7,200, 360, 20, 1 respectively) to determine its temporal location relative to the zero base-day at 4 Ahau 8 Cumku.

That this calendrical system is essentially harmonic in its structure can be verified from the fact that the relationship between 260 and 360 preserves a ratio between its extreme and mean segment equivalent to an ideal or absolute value of .61803403.

The actual ratio here varies from .625 (100 divided by 160 = .625) and/or .6153846 (160 divided by 260 = .6153846).

The system works harmonically in the Calendar Round, as it were, where the day-names are actually combined, by virtue of the fact that the counting of the first 365-day interval consumes the first 260-day period plus the next 105 days of the second 260-day interval.

Since the uayeb days are parenthetical, and not considered by the Maya to be named days (where uayeb actually means nameless day), the split between tzolkin (260) and tun (360), in the LC notation, falls at 100/160, which calculates to a ratio of .625. The next 160 days, used to complete the second almanac and begin the count of the second haab (or tun), splits at 160/260, which calculates to a ratio of .6153846.

Looking at this same structure in a slightly more sophisticated way, the interval of the Calendar Round, 18,980 days, where the actual day-names of the two systems are actually combined over time, the interval counts 52 x 365 days in the haab, and 73 x 260 days in the tzolkin.

With respect to the tun, however, the same interval accumulates 52 x 360 + 260 days. Hence, when the end of the CR sequence is reached, the same ratio between 260 and 360 is recapitulated both to preserve the essential ratio and to begin its progress through the calendrical system yet again.

In other words, the ratio between 100/160 exists at both the beginning and end of the Calendar Round sequence to perpetuate its existence forever (through 1,872,000 days) as time passes and is counted by the Maya system.

This calendrical structure is harmonic because it exactly matches the extreme/mean ratio of Classic Greek geometry, which was given by Euclid in Book VI, Proposition 30 of The Elements: "To cut a given finite straight line in extreme and mean ratio." In this example of the harmony, the lesser segment (100) divided by the mean segment (160) is equal to the mean segment (160) divided by the extreme segment (260), where the first value (.625) is more than the ideal value of the ratio (.61803403) while the second one (.6153846) is less than that same ideal. To say these two values are not equal merely quibbles over a difference between .007 and .003 of real space and time.

The first requirement of the proposition under consideration here, that a harmonic construct can be shown to exist in a human culture both after man's expulsion from the mythic Garden of Eden and in one that cannot be directly connected to Eurocentric or Middle Eastern civilization at the time that the construct came into existence and into use, has been met. What remains to be shown is that the Maya calendrical system actually counts some element of real celestial motion in real space and real time, that the elements of the system are actually connected to the real world outside any conceivable mythic structure.

One average synodic period of Mars is equal to 780 days in whole numbers (3 x 260 = 780). 46 x 260 counts an interval of time (11,960 days) that Maya astronomers used during the Classic period to record a sequence of lunar and solar eclipses transpiring in sequential sequences over 32.745 solar years (at 365.2422 days each). A table of such eclipses was recorded on pages 51a and 51b (upper and lower halves) through 58a and 58b of the Dresden Codex.

Also in the same document (pp. 46-50) Maya astronomers recorded a table that describes the relationship between average synodic periods of Venus (584 days each) and the length of the solar year as expressed by the haab (365 days each).

There are a total of 260 positions of the planet recorded in the table which illustrates the fact that the table's length also correlates the connection between the 260-day tzolkin (146 x 260), the 365-day haab (104 x 365), and average synodic periods of the planet (65 x 584). This interval is twice the length of the Calendar Round at 37,960 days.

Finally, 59 x 260 (15,340 days) counts an interval of time equal to almost exactly 42 solar years (at 365.2422 days each) at 15,340.172 days.

What this means is that days of equinox and solstice, and any positions of the sun related to them, always occur on the same tzolkin day-names at intervals of 42 solar years.

Days of record in the haab advance or regress (depending on whether the calculation moves forward or backward in time) by intervals of exactly 10 days over that same temporal duration.

After two such intervals transpire, the haab position advances or regresses a total of twenty days, which moves it forward or backward by exactly one Maya uinal as that unit of time moves through the calendrical system (where 13 x 20 and 18 x 20 exactly define the two intervals under scrutiny here).

After three double intervals (252 years), a single day of error accumulates (6 x .172 = 1.034 days), requiring a single day's adjustment in the calendar day-name of record for these solar events. Hence, the structure of the Maya calendar was designed to count and predict days by name on which significant solar positions occurred over intervals of time exactly equal to the true length of the solar year at 365.2422 days each.

The method used to accomplish that important astronomical function was based on the extreme/ mean ratio as expressed by the relationship between the 260-day tzolkin and the 360-day tun.

What is clear, even obvious, here is that the 260-day tzolkin counts at least four definitive aspects of celestial motion (average synodic periods of Mars, the relationship between the sun, moon, and earth in eclipse sequences, the relationship between Venus and the solar year, and the interval of time that expresses the sun's relationship to the celestial equator) precisely and accurately over long periods of time.

Since the interval is definitively harmonic, and since it accurately counts every relevant aspect of celestial motion in our solar system (two out of five visible planets, and the sun and moon), it must follow that the system counted by it must also be definitively harmonic in its essential nature. This conclusion is inescapable.

To argue or suggest that the Maya started out to create a harmonic calendrical system, searched diligently over several hundred years for numerical values that fulfilled that goal, and finally settled on the 260/360 split because it best satisfied the needs of the harmony they were seeking, would be precisely the wrong way to perceive that process of development.

Instead, the Maya observed, counted, and recorded the regular motion between events that defined the parameters of planetary synodic periods in the context of the sun's motion relative to the celestial equator (equinoxes and solstices) and the relationship between the sun, moon, and earth in the context of eclipse events.

What they discovered was that a calendrical system based on a 260/360 split between two distinct day-name sequences best describes the complex relationship that actually exists between and among the periodicities that define the motion of the celestial objects with which they were most concerned. The fact that the system they developed can also be described harmonically does not mean that the astronomers were necessarily aware of celestial harmony as such. What it does say, of course, is that the system of motion described by the Maya calendrical structure is an harmonic one in its natural periodicity.

Since that is clearly the case, the second qualification for the proposition being argued here is firmly established; that is, the true nature of the real world is best described by an harmonic construct that exist as an inherent condition of the structure of the planetary system that revolves around and through the gravitational field of the sun.

Since the sun's planetary system did not arise out of nothing, but was conditioned by forces that have always existed and have always operated between and among material objects, it is not unreasonable to suppose that such conditions of harmony permeate the entire universe, are apparent in every corner of the cosmos.

To argue, then, as creationists do, that the world can only be described by an endless series of contentious binary oppositions, that everything about the world is always conflicted by struggle and conflict between forces of good and evil, light and darkness, and so on and so forth ad infinitum, is at best a fallacy of perception that fails, and has always failed, to recognize the fact that the world is best defined by its inherent harmonic constructs.

Since oppositions between this and that, here and there, now and then, are not supported in any way whatsoever by harmonic structures, using them to define the nature of reality, while that impulse may satisfy some deep and inharmonious drive to power and contention in those who fall victim to it, such oppositions cannot be embraced as anything other than a series of delusions fabricated out of a fallacy of human perception to envision the nature of the real world in which we live.

The first sin, the original sin, was indeed falling victim to the delusion that the world was created by a wrathful God on the one hand who was also merciful on the other. No such thing as that can exist in a world conditioned by harmonic structures. Even less likely is the possibility that such an entity could have created an harmonic universe.


In his book, which actually covers many different subjects, Chatelain discusses the bitter war between the French and the Germans considering the seeming ambiguity of the Mayan Calendar’s start date. This occurred when the calendar was first discovered, as there were actually two copies found, and they did not, in fact, precisely agree with each other. It took a great deal of work to finally arrive at the proper starting date. Since so much effort was involved in resolving these conflicting areas of data, Chatelain believed that our now-universal adaptation of the “winning” date set was not necessarily grounded. Chatelain created his own start date to perfectly coincide with a massive astrological event that appeared to lend great credibility to his date system — at the time he was unaware of the larger-scale solar cycles involved.

And so, regardless of how it is viewed, the Mayan Calendar is a multifaceted astrological tool, in fact quite ingenuous and very useful once understood. The Calendar is not simply one cycle; it is measured through smaller cycles, which must also be considered. The smallest of these is the katun, which is approximately 20 years in length, at 7,200 days. One Mayan Calendar cycle of approximately 5,200 years consists of 260 of these katuns. This number 260 proves to be the most sacred number in all of Mayan science and mysticism. We will explore the new information that suggests why it was so important as we progress. This number was so crucial and sacred to their understanding of the universe that they actually assigned it a name, calling it the tzolkin.

In order to break the Calendar up into more manageable pieces, they also grouped the 20-year katuns together into groups of 20. Each of these groups of 20 katuns is about 400 years long, or 144,000 days, and the name they created for this was the baktun. (And of course, we are seeing the same Cathie harmonic for the Speed of Light emerge again, this time in a cycle that is measuring time.) Since there are a total of 260 katuns in one Calendar Cycle, we need 13 groups of 20 in order to have everything add up. So, for each Calendar Cycle, there are 13 baktuns altogether.

As we just stated, the tzolkin number 260 is the ultimate sacred number to the Mayans; it is the root of their entire mathematical system and the number of days in their Sacred Year. Their calendar consisted always of two date cycles — the conventional solar year of 365 days along with the 260-day Sacred Year at the same time. Every calendar date was a combination of these two variables, and obviously the points where they intersect will be constantly changing. All of this is very well covered in Chatelain and Gilbert’s Mayan Prophecies.


As we shall see, the deeper synchronicities surrounding the number 260 are quite impressive. As our first example, Cotterell indicates that the swirling gases at the Sun’s equator make one complete rotation every 26 Earth days. This is an important point, and right away we should be viewing this as having a possible harmonic counterpart in vibration. In order to see how this could be, we remind ourselves that the entire harmonic number series is built upon the "vibrations" of the smallest digits, as they multiply into larger and larger figures. This is a key point that will become more obvious as we study the planetary orbits. All numbers one through eight have specific meanings in the Octave, and nine, ten, eleven and twelve are also very fundamental for different reasons. 13 appears to be the last number that carries a unique vibration before the vibratory properties again duplicate themselves.

We are reminded that many ancient cultures including the Sumerians would use base-12 as a counting system at various times, and in this system the vibrations of the number 13 would represent an octave - the first counting unit on the next "level," just as 10 is the next "level" of the number 1 when using a base-10 system. The vibrations of the number 13 as an octave can be seen on a conventional piano if you were to play a "chromatic" scale, where you go from C to C playing both white and black keys. Each scale will have 12 notes before resolving to the Octave on the 13th. So again, we can see that 26 is a harmonic number in its own right, only it appears that the Maya were much more aware of it than the Sumerians. According to Ra, they were in touch with different extraterrestrial groups, and this might well explain why — each group received different pieces of the puzzle.

So again, the Sun’s equator rotates in 26 Earth days. Cotterell also demonstrates that ten of these rotations, or 260 days, are pivotal to all higher-level Solar cycles. Therefore, the Mayan Sacred Year of 260 days would be a precise way of keeping track of solar activity. The question we must immediately ask is this: Without Ra’s suggestion of extraterrestrial intervention and / or Atlantean inheritance, how else would an apparently non-technical society know to count this? There are certainly no recorded bits of evidence to suggest that they had anything even remotely resembling the satellite technology that we needed to rediscover this.

When we expand our tzolkin number of 260, (built up from the vibrational number 13,) to its higher harmonics, we have 260 katuns in the Calendar Cycle, at roughly 20 years each. We also have 260 days in the Sacred Year. The amazing discovery that Chatelain made is that the katun itself is not just a dead, lifeless fraction of the Great Cycle; it is a working cycle all in its own right. Chatelain indicates in his book that the scientists knew that the length of the katun had to be about 19.75 years, but no one has ever explained what it was actually measuring. They tried such things as dividing the length of the orbits of various planets in years, but nothing seemed to work. Miraculously, and perhaps absurdly, no one ever bothered to check the conjunctions between the planets.

Though no one else had ever considered it, Chatelain realized that by adding a very slight 54 days extra to the standard harmonic katun length of 7,200 days, he suddenly, magically arrived at the precise length of time between each conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. This conjunction was the grease in the gears, the very essence of what made the clock tick. In an Email conversation with this author, Jenkins revealed further information about this harmonic connection with Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions:

One Maya scholar, Robert Hall, suggests that [the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was used] in the early development of the Long Count. 7200 days is 19 years plus 260 days exactly.

That fact alone suggests further points of study for the harmonic cycles, but for our discussion is just the beginning. Chatelain showed that the katun not only worked for Jupiter and Saturn, but when taken as a unit, it plugged into the orbits of many other planets as well. This work has also been shown with stock trader extraordinaire Bradley Cowan, who uses these harmonic cycles for very accurate stock market predictions and clearly associates J-S conjunctions with movements such as the quarter-cycle of Uranus’ orbit. For now, we will have Chatelain explain in more detail:

For the Mayas the katun of 7,254 days was not only a measure of time but also an astronomical unit to express the synodic periods of revolution of planets, or the count of days needed for each planet to be realigned with the Sun and the Earth. For example, 5 katuns were equal to 313 revolutions of Mercury, 13 katuns were equal to 121 revolutions of Mars, or 27 katuns were equal to 7 returns of Halley’s comet.

So, we can easily see that by simply using the katuns to count, it would be quite possible to plot out all major planetary motions in this manner through relatively simple math. Cowan’s work shows us the same thing, and as time goes on we will see that this is a fundamental vibrational property of the planetary orbits.

The typically recognized number system given for the structure of the Mayan Calendar is very simplified and round; 20, 260, 360, 7,200 and 144,000. Each of these refer to a number of days, namely the uinal, tzolkin, tun, katun and baktun. We cannot ignore how harmonic these time cycle numbers really are, and it gives us a lot to consider when we realize that the structure of time as we know it is built up from this. For example, 36 and 36 adds to 72, and 72 and 72 add to 144, the frequency of Light. Therefore, we can speculate that all of these differing time cycles are related to the harmonics of Light itself, and as Ra and other sources as well as physicists like Nordberg and Larson believe, time is measured by the speed of light. So, the time cycles that we see in the universe are all harmonics of this fundamental vibration.

Again, Chatelain’s theories have drawn attention to the almost 100-percent connection between the katun and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. We can then begin to understand the possible physical connection to the katuns’ use as a counting system. If the orbits were just a slight bit different, they would be perfect- just like the once-perfect Earth orbit of 360 days and the once-perfect Mars orbit of 666 days. Chatelain goes on to show us that the main Calendar Cycle of ~5,200 years can be perfectly broken down into mathematically precise harmonic measurements for many different planetary conjunctions, especially Jupiter and Saturn, as we mentioned. Here is Chatelain to explain.

…Meanwhile, the Mayas had also discovered [the Main Calendar] cycle of 1,886,040 days that represented exactly 260 conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn, 2,310 of Mars and Jupiter, 2,418 of Earth and Mars, and 3,230 of Earth and Venus.

This particular cycle was the key to the mystery of the Mayan calendar. It was based on the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn, something nobody had cared to consider… nobody had tested the conjunctions between the planets.

[Until now, they still haven’t, other than Cotterell’s notice of a cycle that tied in the Mayan Calendar with the length of the Venus year, discussed in his book.]

The conjunction period of Jupiter and Saturn is in reality 7,253.445 days, but the rounded-out Mayan value of 7,254 days is valid because they did not use decimal parts and counted in whole days only. So the Great [Calendar] Cycle of the 260 Mayan conjunctions was 1,886,040 days, or 5,163.8 of our years.

And thus, we have Chatelain’s explanation of how he arrived at what he considered to be the true length of the Mayan Calendar, 5,163.8 years, and how it was measured. The measurement occurred through planetary conjunctions, the very foundations of astrology and an unchanging product of celestial mechanics. We also can see from his writings here that a great number of differing planetary conjunctions all fit into the Calendar Cycle like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Notice, though, that this system of planetary calculations fits for his number for the Mayan Calendar, at 1,886,040 days of length, and not the regular number of 1,872,000 days.

Cotterell’s work does give us many crucial parts of the puzzle, but it was Chatelain’s discovery that the Mayan Calendar was directly linked to astrological conjunctions that led to his discovery of the importance of Jupiter and Saturn. In order to fit the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions that the Maya used as a counting system, Chatelain needed to modify the typically utilized dates. As we go on and look at the numbers, we must ask ourselves if it was possible that the Maya were indeed well aware of both the Chatelain version of the calendar as well as the conventional one. It certainly appears that the two cycles are permanently and inextricably woven into each other. The length of the katun is just far too close to the length of the J-S conjunction to be a coincidence.

From the excerpts just cited previously, we now know that Chatelain is indicating to us that the length of his version of the Mayan Calendar Cycle is 1,886,040 days, and therefore a baktun, which is 1/13th of the whole cycle, would be 145,080 days. The standard harmonic figures take the baktun to be 144,000 days — and we again remember that this is the harmonic of the Speed of Light as well as the number of people said to Ascend in the Bible. If we multiply the traditional baktun of 144,000 by 13, we get 1,872,000, the number of days for the common Mayan Calendar cycle. So between Chatelain’s length of 1,886,040 and the common length of 1,872,000, we can see that there is a discrepancy; the astrology-based Mayan Calendar from Chatelain is slightly longer in duration.

Remember now that Cotterell had independently discovered a sunspot cycle that caused the sun’s magnetic fields to shift, before he ever saw any mathematical information tying this in with the Mayas. His numbers had come strictly from the interpretation of satellite data pertaining to the ebb and flow of sunspots. This principal sunspot cycle that Cotterell calculated is given in Mayan Prophecies as 1,366,040 days. The Maya put great work into monitoring these cycles, as they were directly connected with smaller-scale cataclysms and energy shifts on Earth. Remember that this is a smaller, more frequent cycle that affects when the Sun’s own poles shift, not the Great Cycle of ~25,920 years itself. As we previously stated, this solar pole shift cycle has to run itself through exactly seven times in order to add up into the Great Cycle.

Again looking back to Cotterell, we see that his own sunspot shift cycle of 1,366,040 days was very closely related to 1,366,560 days, the Mayan "Super Number" in the Dresden Codex. They are exactly 520 days apart from each other, or 2 × 260, the tzolkin number and Sacred Year, built up from the harmonic vibrations of the number 13. This should leave absolutely no doubt that the Maya were aware of the solar cycles we are discussing. The additional 520 days act as Cotterell’s "shift differential operator," introducing an extra pattern into the equation that allows us to expand these cycles into even larger patterns in the Sun’s activity. This tzolkin "shift number" obviously has a wide range of uses in the universe, as it is another basic vibratory property of the sea of living, intelligent energy that creates our existence moment by moment.

Remember that Cotterell calculated his solar pole shift number without ever having seen the Mayan information. When you really dig into Cotterell’s information, you discover that the Mayan "Super Number" of 1,366,560 days was based on the usage of the cycles of Venus to calculate solar pole shift. We will not go into detail to explain these points, as it is extremely complicated, relegated to the appendices in the back of Mayan Prophecies. It is an interesting point, though, to see that Venus works so perfectly with the sunspot cycle we are discussing; everything fits together.

So, we add 520 days, or two of Cotterell’s solar "shift differentials," and suddenly fact meets fiction: a scientifically derived, totally modern Sunspot cycle harmonizes perfectly with an ancient Mayan number. Science is again baffled by a seemingly insoluble quagmire, where a bunch of "savages" clearly had access to some very significant data. But, since "they" cannot acknowledge something like this, it is simply brushed aside and ignored. We don’t like what we don’t understand.

The link between Chatelain’s astrology-based number of 1,886,040 days for the Mayan Calendar and Cotterell’s 1,366,040 days for the sunspot shift cycle should be seen right away. The difference is, miraculously, a quite whole number, as both numbers end in 6,040; therefore, when subtracted from each other, the last four digits cancel out to 0,000. This eminent roundness clearly indicates that the matching nature of the numbers is no accident. Their difference is exactly, precisely 520 thousand days. This is undoubtedly one of the most fantastic correlations between the two cycles, as it shows yet another "layer" of the harmonic, Octave-shifting properties of the number 13!

If we remember from earlier chapters, Bruce Cathie indicates that the Ancients would effortlessly add or subtract zeroes to numbers, knowing that the numbers remained harmonically identical underneath. This has to do with the innate properties of the base-ten system, which can certainly frustrate mathematicians who want all number bases to be equivalent. So therefore, 520,000 harmonically reduces to 520, which is the exact same number that we just saw above when Cotterell got the Solar "pole shift" to equal the Mayan "super number." Again, he did this by simply adding two tzolkins or Sacred Years of 260 days.

We have to admit that there is a fundamental similarity between Chatelain’s modified figures for the Mayan Calendar, based on J-S conjunctions, and Cotterell’s number for the solar pole shift. Unless we see the harmonics of 13 at work, it would be very difficult to understand how this could possibly be, as Chatelain’s book was out on the shelves in 1971, long before Cotterell calculated the sunspot shift cycle. In addition, Cotterell made these sunspot calculations with no apparent knowledge of Chatelain’s work whatsoever.

Just to recap, the harmonics of 13, expanded into the "tzolkin number" of 260, appear to be of pivotal importance in understanding all of our mystically interrelated cycles, including the Great Cycle of ~25,920 years, in many more ways than one. The tzolkin is the anchor of the entire system, from the 26 day rotation of the Sun’s equator to the "Sacred Year" of the Maya to the number of katuns in the Mayan Calendar. The tzolkin also links the sunspot shift cycle to the "Super Number," allowing it to expand into the Great Solar Cycle. Now, we have just shown how it also demonstrates the harmonic link between the J-S conjunctions and the sunspot shift cycle itself.


It is interesting to note that "frontier scientist" Richard Hoagland and his team wrote a recent article on hyperdimensional physics on his www.enterprisemission.com website that also demonstrates the hyperdimensional importance of the J-S conjunction in this integrated harmonic system. In this case, he shows that the power of the J-S conjunction surpasses the power emitted by the standard 11-year sunspot cycle. This was measured by studying the relative level of radio interference caused by the peaks of the sunspot cycle, and then comparing that against the level of interference caused by the J-S conjunctions. The J-S conjunctions caused a significantly higher amount of interference than the 11-year sunspot cycle in this case, and he has reprinted the original articles that prove it. Interestingly, Hoagland also mentions the 25,920-year cycle in the same article, only he has completely missed the real causes behind this cycle, which we are discussing here. In his article on the website, he speculates that the orbit of a large, distant planet might be the cause this cycle.

We now know from our excerpts from Edgar Cayce, The Ra Material and other sources that this 25,920-year cycle is not caused by a planet at all; it is a Solar effect. We also know that it does more than simply affect weather, magnetic pole reversals and the ups and down of civilization - it also holographically controls the dimensional frequencies that are streaming in from the Galactic Center and resonating throughout the entire Solar System. We have shown that due to the properties of aether vibration, each planet is a multidimensional body, which assembles into a geometric, crystalline form. These crystalline forms are nothing more than the holographic projections of the One; essentially, conscious energy forms. They are all intertwined into a vast energetic web, and the Sun controls the resonating frequency of this web through the Great Cycle, or the “Breath of the Divine.”


As we previously alluded, what we actually see is a “ratchet” form developing, where the available higher-dimensional energy noticeably increases at the peak of each Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Therefore, even though the conventional Mayan Calendar date system used by Cotterell is clearly at work, we still need to watch Jupiter and Saturn in order to observe the "ratchets" of this cycle. It is interesting that Edgar Cayce listed “’58 to ‘98” as a crucial "evaluation" period leading up to the planetary changes. Both of these dates are exactly two years prior to when the J-S conjunctions occurred. Based on what we have just unfurled here, we must conclude that this is what the Cayce Readings were referring to. We are hard-pressed to find any other physical observations of the Cycle that could possibly match up any better than this.

But why would the Cayce Readings anticipate each of these conjunctions two years in advance when referring to a "testing period?" We must conclude that just the approach of the J-S conjunction can cause massive changes, even before it actually hits. This applies in astrology as well, where the effects of a major conjunction get stronger and stronger as the conjunction gets tighter and tighter. It really is the exact same principle, albeit on a larger scale. The length of time between ‘58 and ‘98 is forty years, and again we see the Bible symbolism popping out all over the place. The Biblical flood involving Noah’s Ark took place for "forty days and forty nights." The Israelite exodus, led by Moses, spent forty years in the desert. Jesus’ time of temptation by Satan in the desert was forty days and forty nights as well. All three of these cases would certainly be considered "testing periods."

Remember the overwhelming evidence that connects the story of Jesus to the modern accounts of extraterrestrial visitation. This includes immaculate conception, the giant light that hovered in the sky over Bethlehem, the appearance of "angels of the Lord," and obviously Jesus’ many fantastic abilities. We also have numerous top-secret government officials who have come forward to say that the extraterrestrial visitors informed them that Jesus was one of their own (Good, 1991.) Therefore, to a being that is outside of linear time, the era of Jesus could be the equivalent of one or two of our days in the past. So, when there are writings in the Bible that say, "Two are walking in the fields, and then there is one…" we have to remember that this is not ancient or mythological to them; it is a statement of the fact of exactly what is going to happen to us.

Jesus obviously would be the highest example of a physical being with fourth-density abilities clearly visible before the actual shift itself. It is clear that he was "preparing the way," showing us a future vision of ourselves. In the big picture, once we realize that we are dealing with cycles that are roughly 26,000 years in length, we can see that his arrival was essentially at the close of the most recent cycle. This would explain his quote in John 14, “As I do these things, so shall ye do them, and even greater things.”


Getting back to the point of this chapter, we must remember that no other researcher has ever tied in the Mayan Calendar to planetary conjunctions, except for Chatelain. If the J-S conjunctions are so obviously close to the Mayan katun, why the 54-day discrepancy? Wilcock’s own readings finally explained it in a way that makes sense, providing that the Ra Material is accurate. We remember that Ra said that there was once a planet where the Asteroid Belt now resides, often called Maldek. Ra told us that this planet was caused to explode by a war that occurred between its inhabitants some 500,000 years ago. We also know that Thomas Van Flandern, a reputable astrophysicist, is now putting increasingly hard science behind the notion that this was indeed a planet in the recent past that exploded. All comets in the Solar System can be traced back to that point of origin, for example. Since comets are largely water ice, they are the vacuum-frozen chunks of what was once a fertile ocean.

So, even though it might not be "mainstream" yet, at some future point the loss of Maldek to nuclear war will no longer be considered a matter of fiction, but of simple and tragic human history. The only thing that stops us from being able to accept the truth is the limitations of our own imaginations, and our desire to cling desperately to our "beliefs," which can often be a series of prejudices. We simply cast out the information that we don’t like, and everything is "fine." Since we have only just begun to accept the idea of extraterrestrial life, the notion of "planet-hopping" certainly takes some time to get used to. But facts like the gigantic Face on Mars certainly gives us clues that lead in this direction.

[As a very interesting side note, the morning after Wilcock wrote this, 1/23/99, he had a very detailed and interesting dream that was apparently about Maldek. It was extremely rich and detailed, and borrowed off of the idea of the then-upcoming new Star Wars Episode One movie. In the middle of a sentence that Wilcock spoke to a waitress in a very bizarre "restaurant," the perspective suddenly shifted to outer space, where he saw a gigantic flash of light. That was it!

Then, he was in a movie theater, and everyone was disappointed with the ending. They all had a copy of Gilbert and Cotterell’s book Mayan Prophecies. The "movie" just seemed to "cut off" with no prior warning. Wilcock told them not to worry, as there would indeed be a sequel to the movie. Ra says that 50 percent of people on Earth came originally from Maldek. Wilcock had been thinking that the exploded planet portrayed in the movie Star Wars was a sort of "genetic memory" coming through George Lucas, who might have been one of the 50 percent who went through the actual experience. It is very interesting to Wilcock how much the Maldekian "restaurant" resembled the general feeling of the "cantina" scene in Star Wars and Jabba the Hutt’s hovering cruiser in Return of the Jedi. All the characters were human, but there were definite similarities. Theoretically, anyone should be able to access this information and dream accurately about it. Perhaps Lucas turned it into a film as a result of this ability.]

So, since we can now prove that Maldek did indeed explode, we then need to stretch our imaginations just a bit more. Clearly, the force and impact of an entire large planet exploding must be quite something. Indeed, part of Van Flandern’s research concerns the amazing blast impacts that are visible on the neighboring planetary and lunar bodies closest to the Asteroid Belt. Many of them appear to have sustained far more damage on one half than the other half, including Mars, which now appears to have been one of the exploded planet’s moons. With the force of a planet-killing nuclear explosion and all the debris that would be created, we clearly would have quite an incredible problem on our hands. Indeed, something similar might happen to Earth were it to be sufficiently disturbed by a large-scale nuclear war.

Therefore, when Maldek exploded, there were extremely damaging effects created in the entire harmonic structure of the Solar System, disrupting the natural harmonic smoothness of the planetary orbits. In the conventional Newtonian model, the planets are held in place solely by the Sun’s gravity. So, if we have a series of free-floating bodies suddenly hit with the impact of this tremendous blast, it would be like playing a game of pool on a billiard table. We can easily see that the other planets would get knocked out of their positions. Since Jupiter and Saturn are both beyond the Asteroid Belt, the explosion would blow them further away from the Sun. All it would take would be for one or both of them to be close to Maldek in their orbit pattern, and the extra 54 days could easily be accounted for.

So, what we have to realize here is that at one time, the Solar System functioned in a perfectly Divine and beautiful way, with elegant harmonic mathematics. Among many other things, these mathematics allowed the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn to be exactly 7,200 days in length, thus precisely matching the numbers inherent in the Sunspot Cycle. But, after Maldek’s explosion, the planets were knocked out of place, creating a very acceptable 54 days of extra time between each conjunction. But, even though they were knocked slightly out of place, their effects as the driver of the Solar Cycle could not be disputed; they were the two biggest planets in the Solar System.

It is interesting to think that if this explosion had never disrupted our system, we might well have come to a discovery about these harmonic systems much earlier. However, since it did happen, the extraterrestrial forces referred to by Ra needed to keep track of both systems of measurement. The "conventional" Mayan Calendar was used to keep perfect track of the idealized harmonic cycles of the Sun, which would not have been significantly affected by Maldek’s explosion, due to the Sun’s gigantic mass. These numbers would remain beautifully simple and elegant, representing the true Divine design of creation.

Thus, even though Jupiter and Saturn got knocked out of alignment, they still ended up arriving in a position that perfectly harmonized with the cycle in the Sun by the "shift number" of 2×260, or 520. This shows us how adaptable the harmonic system really is — even after such a catastrophic explosion, the new positions that the planets assumed still had harmonic, vibrational qualities. So, Jupiter and Saturn still have a definite effect, even though they no longer figure in precisely to the conventional Mayan Calendar. We can now see exactly how important the "shift period" of May of 2000 really is, as it is not only the last sunspot cycle peak before the Cycle itself ends, it is also the very last time that the masses of Jupiter and Saturn will conjoin before the cycle ends. We must conclude that it is for this reason that the forces in the Edgar Cayce readings triangulated on 1998-2001 when they spoke of the Solar Cycle and the corresponding pole shift.

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5125.25 years is a boundary of linear passage of time. It’s singular quantum of curved time or spatial reality of time (4D space in relativistic vocabulary).

Below is explanation why.

10x72=720º is sum of corner-angles on the surface of a tetrahedron (one out of 10 in 360º curvature or 1 whole sequence of double helix, which is therefore 10x10x72=7200).

Number 10 or 10-fold recursion (repetition) in itself stands for 3²+1 – dual 3D and/or triple duality, which is 9-fold recursion (fractal repetition) in context of inertial 1. I.e. 10-fold repetition is 9-fold fractal repetition (i.e. expansion or fractal growth) of inertial singularity, which is its only source beyond boundaries of space and time. It’s beyond boundaries of space and time because space/time are duality of equal opposites and hence comparable with each other, while singularity has no equal opposite and is incomparable or non-local (unreal) in space/time (dual or local context). What is beyond horizons of space and time is their singular gravity; therefore 10-fold fractal repetition (recursion) is 3D reality in space and time of such singular gravity that is indescribable point here and now or dead center of such reality (i.e. center of earth, solar system, galaxy, an atom etc). It’s singular nothing within of infinite something (space/time) without.

Number 10 is of essence in understanding space/time fractality. It’s not a question if decimal system originates from the fact that there are 10 fingers on both hands (or 5 fingers on each and/or 20 digits on hands/feet as for example in Mayan tradition). The correct question is “why is there 10 digits on two hands (duality) and not any other number”, because it’s not an arbitrary arrangement without consequence, but a confirmation that all is one or as above so bellow. In other words – all fractal aspects of one reality are only relatively different sequences of only one reality in between (inertia). 10-fold repetition (or 5-fold repetition in space and time, i.e. 5-fold affirmation and 5-fold negation) is 3D reality in space and time (duality) of only one inertial reality at its very center (singular nothing) and it’s equally applicable to human body, genetic DNA or space/time position of orbiting planets (10 orbital distances, including asteroid belt, which are 10-fold difference between first and last planet, i.e. 0.4AU for Mercury and 40 AU for Pluto, or total of 10x10=100-fold fractal repetition ).

Minor discrepancies (such as average distance of Pluto being 39.2 instead of perfect 40AU is only a further confirmation of same fractal principle, because such discrepancy is inertia of a inertia, which is infinite fractal curvature of double helix. In other words – there is no perfect ratio, because regardless of size there is always a discrepancy (inertia) in between. 0.8AU discrepancy is 2x0.4 or space/time duality of Mercury’s position as inertia within of such extreme orbital without (inertia of inversion or inertia of turning inside out, transformation of space into time and/or mass into energy etc). Moreover 0.4x100=40 is fractal repetition of 4D reality in between (here and now or surface of earth that is 400x100=4x10^4 km in circumference or 4 x difference between light speed and orbital velocity (30 km/sec), which is total difference or inversion in space and time from solar reality within).

4/10 or 2/5 fractal curvature (2-fold repetition or duality within that is 5-fold repetition or pentagon without) and fractal 2/5 is whole number (quantum) only in 2x5=10-fold recursion (harmonics). 4D inversion (turning inside out) is total inversion (negation) or transformation of energy into mass (and/or vice versa) – solar into massive (earth) reality, while 3D inversion, which is 2x3=6-fold recursion (fractal repetition) is space/time inversion or transformation of space into time and/or vice versa. That’s the reasoning beyond two different numerical systems that have either 10-fold or 6-fold recursion as its basis. In essence – it’s all the same, because basis for both systems is fractality of double helix (as is simple binary system as their common denominator, because duality of inertial discrepancy in between is inertia of any further fractality).

Physical reality is mass/energy embedded in its space/time matrix or double duality (duality within duality or 4-fold repetition, hence 2x5=10 resonant harmonics of one inertial reality in between, which remains non-quantified or non-local in context of any subsequent space/time duality as its dead center). Mass/energy in context of inertial (constant) space/time matrix is its duality or double space/time – space/time within and/or without space/time. It’s density of space time or infinite made finite (as in infinite 0.3333… repetition, which inverted is 1/3 or inverse 3D). Naturally, since reality is one, vice versa analogy is equally correct – space/time is double mass/energy duality. Mass/energy is space/time within/without space/time. Difference is only relative (light speed difference). What’s mass/energy is empty space/time in its inversion and what is space/time is mass/energy in its inversion. One limits infinity of another, making it finite. One is curvature of linear direction of another. Empty space of solar reality is dense mass in context of galaxy, just as empty space of an atom is dense mass here and now. It’s curvature of linear direction that stores infinity in singular context (creates something out of nothing, mass out of empty space etc). What’s mass in singular context is space in infinite and equally vice versa.

Singularity/infinity is light speed or space/time fractal difference in which space turned inside out becomes time and time turned inside out becomes space. It’s transformation between multiplication and division in which one whole is fragmented into infinity of fragments balanced by simultaneous equal and opposite multiplication. Fragmentation in less than one whole is time and its multiplication is space of inertial overlap in between (singularity of space and time – inertial here and now). Fragmentation is less than quantum and multiplication is more than quantum of reality (inertia) – one is gradual change (time) and another is instant change (space) of inertial here and now (regardless what it is – rotating earth, galaxy or lifespan of any individual fractal form in space). Time is duration between instant beginning/end and it’s determined by it, as its inversion. In other words – beginning/end in its envelope determines its duration – space (size or density of time) determines its duration (time) and equally vice versa, because one is fractal reflection of another – one is negation of another. As above, so bellow, as within, so without and as in space (instantly) – so in time.

There is no real but only relative (comparative) difference between space and time – they are same inertia in diametrically opposite perspective or same inertia turned inside out in two opposite directions. Space in context of one is time (curvature) in context of successive curvature (time of time). Space in context of light speed difference is time and time in context of same inertial difference is space. Time is simply less than quantum (whole) of space, just as space is less than quantum of time, which is infinitely larger (4D) space. It’s one inertia in infinite within/without curvature (double helix), where within/without are space/time of inertial point in between (note: what’s inertia and what’s its negation or non-inertial reality is always relative distinction because inertia in time is non-inertial reality in space and equally vice versa.

It’s essence of space/time or particle/wave duality that final outcome depends entirely on initial frame of references and as soon as frame of references is inverted, initial outcome “collapses”. It’s not reality that collapses but its understanding). Time of 3D is space of 4D, just as space of 3D is time of 2D (and equally vice versa). Time of universe (without) is space of its micro-world (atom), just as space of universe is time of an atom. And time of earth is space of solar reality, just as time of solar reality is space of galaxy – or time of an atom is space of its nucleus – etc. Time is less than quantum of space and space is less than quantum of time (inversely). Time is curvature of linear space, just as space is curvature of linear (passage of) time. Universe is time curvature of flat space and its micro-world is spatial curvature of flat time. An atom is instant (curved) time, just as universe is gradual (time) curvature of space. Space and time are equal and opposite infinities of singular here and now in between, which is their only source.

It’s infinity of spheres – one within the other, where each spatial sphere is limited by its preceding/succeeding time spheres and equally vice versa or infinite inside out turning of one inertial reality. Time is boundary (horizon) of space and space is inverse boundary of time – infinitely many times, where space/time difference is always fractal (light speed) and time/time or space/space difference is quantum (double light or light speed difference in space and time). One is attractive (positive) reality, while another is repulsive (negative) reality. Space/time is one-dimensional and two relatively different spatial (or time) realities are two-dimensional difference. Two relatively different gravitational realities are 3D difference (triple light). Time is inertia of space (its discrepancy) and space is inertia of time. And gravity is inertia of both – space and time. And what’s beyond horizons of black hole (inverse space/time density) is inertia of gravity (its antigravity) – etc. It’s infinity of inside out turned spheres, where space is preceded by time and time is preceded by gravity (and/or vice versa – space is succeeded by time, which is succeeded by gravity, which is succeeded by antigravity, which is succeeded by… etc – as above so bellow and larger fractal difference within is balanced by equally larger fractal difference without). What is what is determined exclusively by inertial here and now – a specific space/time density at its center. Without inertia – physical reality is totally meaningless. It’s only point of observation that gives it shape (meaning).

This digression was necessary in order to comprehend fractality as singular law of reality that states “as above so bellow” or as formulated through Newtonian principles (action/reaction). It’s meaning is absolute – reality is infinite double causative curvature of double helix, where one gradual sequence (time) has its quantum beginnings/ends in space and equally vice versa and where any difference is only relative difference of no difference in between. To return to fractality of 3D reality, which is only one out of infinite number of different fractal ratios, all equally real. As said above, 3D consists of 10 different harmonics that are resonant with its inertia. Those 10 harmonics are 5 space/time and 5 time/space harmonics or duality of a pentagram. Since inertia is always beginning/end of its spatial and/or time curvature, 10 harmonics are 6/4 or 3/2 ratio. It’s inertia (1) in its time curvature (5), therefore 6 different spatial permutations, where last spatial permutation (end) is also first time permutation (beginning). Hence 10 space/time harmonics are 2x3=6 spatial and 2x2=4 time harmonics. One whole (quantum) of space is 6-fold recursion and one whole of space/time is 10-fold fractal repetition.

6/4 or 3/2 periodic law is what’s known as Bode-Titus periodicity (not a recent invention but of unknown origins). Double helix multiples by division and adds by subtraction. It adds and multiplies (grows – where gradual growth in time is succeeded by instant and inverse growth in space and equally vice versa – i.e. a growth reaching its limits dies in order to be born on relatively different plane). Gradual evolution on horizontal plane is succeeded by an instant angular evolution. That would settle creation vs. evolution debate, because evolution or slow change in context of time is followed by infinitely faster (instant) evolution in angular direction, referred to as creation (instant evolution). What’s an evolution (time) and what’s creation (space or instant evolution) is determined only by inertia here and now, because evolution in space is creation in time, just as creation in space is evolution in time. What’s creation from 3D perspective is evolution in 4D context, just as 3D evolution is infinite number of sequences (quanta) of creation in 2D context. That’s why whole cycle is 6x4=24 and/or 1.5 or 3/2 x 24=36 or 1/10 of a curvature (360). 6 spatial spheres in context of 4 time spheres is 24 different space/time spheres or 24 fractals of one whole and 24 + its boundary (flattened limits or horizon, i.e. change + its inertia) is 24+12=36=6². And 10x36=360º or 360 different fractal sequences of one whole (quanta).

That brings us back to 720º of a tetrahedron, which is duality (space/time) of inertial 360º curvature. 360º is therefore not an arbitrary measure but perfect definition of fractality in which 360 cycles of a smaller spin (rotation) is one cycle of a larger spin (orbital). It’s a definition of time within time. But so is 24-hr cycle (day) or 25920 year cycle (precession). It’s one time in relatively different fractal curvatures or different densities of one time. 360º (2?) is spatial curvature of time and/or time curvature of space. Both are 720º (4?), where ? is ratio between linear direction (infinity) and curvature (singularity), therefore space/time or light speed difference. 360=5x72 or 10x36 sequences (singularity vs. duality), while 720=10x72 or 20x36 (or 8x9x10). It’s the difference between one and two strands of double helix. So, what’s 720º curvature? It’s a curvature in “?” shape, where one negates another (mirror image). It’s positive and negative 360º curvature or positive and negative rotational spin of one orbital period. It’s east/west and west/east rotation of earth in its orbital context.

It’s positively/negatively oriented spin of an electron or two electrons of one orbital (Pauli’s exclusion principle) with inverse orientations (double wave of singular particle in between and/or double particle of a singular wave). In other words – in order that earth obeys causality principle, east/west rotation is periodically inverted with west/east direction of a spin. In context of orbiting earth, such quantum events are separated by 10368 years of time (1/2 orbital precession or perihelion advance), while in context of an orbiting electron (where time is space and space is time), infinity of such quantum events is virtually simultaneous. Such event in context of universe (empty space) is separated by time, while same event in context of an atom is separated by spatial distance. Time is simply a delay in which inertial difference accumulates through fractal recursion into a quantum (space). It’s difference between 3D and 4D space.

Reality is infinite fractal recursion (repetitiveness) of inertial here and now (indescribable, because it’s not comparative duality, except as nothing that is source of everything). It’s 1.1111… or decimal repetition (infinite successive turning inside out) of one inertia at its dead center, where 1.111… is difference between diagonal of square (surface) and diagonal of a cube (volume) or difference between circumference of a circle and surface length of a square (light speed or space/time, i.e. dimensional or quantum difference). One curvature (360º or 2?) is 4 different fractal linear directions (?/2). One quantum is 4 different fractal sequences or 4D – 3D space + linear time, 90º each. Inertia of such double duality (mass/energy in context of space/time) is ? and gravity of such inertia is ?²=9.86 m/sec² (double time – rotation/orbital of space in between).

Consequently, if one time (curvature) is 4 different spatial realities, than one space is 6 different times – total of 10 different harmonics. It’s 4x90 without (square) that’s 6x60 (hexagon) within. And what’s inertia in between? It’s 5x72=360 (pentagon). 3D is 3 different curvatures or 3 different spins of one particle – its rotation, orbital and precession (inverse rotation). 4D is 4 different spins (+ inverse orbital or perihelion advance). Different spins have equally different angle as a quantum boundary between linear direction (i.e. space) and its curvature (i.e. time). While rotation is 2x180º (day/night), orbital is 4x90 (4 seasons of 3 months each), precession of equinoxes is 5x72º (5 suns or worlds of Maya cosmology, each 5125 years), while orbital precession is 6x60º. Space in context of solar reality reflects as time in earth’s context – i.e. 72 years per 1º of precession and/or 60 years per 1º of orbital (perihelion) precession (more accurately 57.6=4x14.4 or 8x7.2 years excluding inertia of 2.4, i.e. excluding proportion of a particle from a perfect non-inertial wave).

Not to get involved in too technical details that are at length discussed in the book, it will suffice to say that a quantum of curvature is ¼ or 90º. I.e. 1/11=0.90909… just as 1/9=0.111… - 90º is boundary or limit of space in time and/or time in space (point of inversion between singularity/infinity or space and time). It’s a point where infinite is reduced to finite and/or vice versa. Same 90º boundary here and now (earth) is 72º in solar and 60º in galactic context. Such 90º boundary is also inertion inclusive or particle/wave duality. Pure wave is inertionless – i.e. it’s 90-3.6 or 86.4º (hence 86400 sec of a day). Earth is inertia or line of symmetry between solar and galactic space/time – while one is gradual change (solar space as linear time here and now), another is instant or quantum change (galactic space as time of solar space and/or gravity here and now). Time changes space gradually, while gravity changes it instantly. Time change is gradual, while change of gravity is abrupt (instant) – it happens only when time is ¼ or 90º curvature, i.e. only when time changes into space (fractal into quantum).

Gravity changes only in quantum steps, each step being ¼ of orbital precession or 5184 years (1/2 of 10369 year period of inversion of direction of rotation). See definition of a quantum as per De Broglie. As above, so bellow. An atom is quantized reality of space, just as universe is quantized reality of time and an atom is relative time (uncertainty principle), just as universe is relative space. It’s inside out curvature (inversion) of what’s within and what’s without. Fractality is often described as numerology or sacred geometry. Whatever the name – it’s what’s in physics called “unified theory of everything”. Numerical (geometrical) description eliminates all variables. It’s ultimate description in which there is no “unknowns” – because all is one. That numerical description or fractality is very essence of shapes of numerals and letters, which are simple expressions of various sequences and different loops of progressive spiraling of double helix.

Fractality means – all is one. To know any one aspect of reality totally and without reserve is to know everything there is (or is not because it’s been or is still to come). 1 in between is 0.9 within and/or 1.111 without – it’s quantum change at every ¼ curvature, where time ends and space begins (and/or vice versa) – regardless of size/motion – regardless if it’s a spinning electron or rotating earth (or galaxy). It’s always particle/wave duality that changes frequency (space/time density) at each ¼ of inverse curvature (precession). So did Maya know all of that? They knew all of that and much more. Moreover – everyone knew it long ago; Maya are only the last one to remember it, after all the rest have forgotten. It’s a simple truth that earth goes through quantum transformation every ¼ period of orbital precession (5184 years), where such period is at the same time 1/5 of precession of equinoxes (25920 years), because orbital/rotational precession are fractal 4/5 reality or time/gravity inversion (square within/pentagon without of a curvature in between). Every second quantum event (because it’s duality) inverts direction of rotation and/or its north/south axe, while quantum events in between are only incomplete swings, which are one step behind before two steps ahead or total of 3 steps in order to effect a single step forward in angular direction of double helix. Analogy between micro and macro worked well for N.Bohr. Inverse analogy is equally applicable. Universe is quantum reality of time – time (orbital/rotation) changes in quantum leaps every ¼ orbital precession (De Broglie). And Maya knew it all too well (and so did all ancient civilizations that emerged from last quantum change, cca 5200 years ago).

Total 3D curvature is 9 out of 10 fractals, because 10th fractal is its inertion (particle of a wave and/or wave of a particle – i.e. 10th fractal is overlapping beginning/end between two fractals. Consequently a year is 360 days, while complete cycle of time, which is ¼ precession, is 0.9x2x360 or 7200-720=6480 years (720/1.11…). Time here (rotation) is space in context of solar reality, just as time of solar reality (orbital) is instant space in context of precessional motion. Space without is time within and/or vice versa. There is no real difference between space and time – it’s only different perspective of same inertial reality in between. That’s why days in context of time are years in context of space or measure of distance in 3D is measure of time in 4D context etc (as above so bellow). Every 360 days a new cycle of orbital motion begins and every ¼ precession a new cycle of time begins (through instant collapse of previous cycle that creates momentum for a new cycle). Whole cycle of one is ¼ of the next cycle. 90º in space is 360º in time (and/or 1440º in gravity). Space and time are 3D/4D reality – it’s 3^4=81-fold recursion or non-inertial 9²-9 (inertia)=72 fold curvature (rate of rotational precession). Boundary of time in space and/or space in time is thus 81²-81 (inertia)=6480 years. 0.9x6480=5760 or 100x57.6 (rate of orbital precession/perihelion advance).

As noted above – curvature is 360º, while exponential curvature within curvature is 360²=6^4x10²=129600, which is boundary in time of constant gravity, just as 6480 (5184) years is boundary of linear time (6²x10=360 is boundary of rotation within orbital, while 6^4x10²=129600 is boundary of orbital within precession). That number will be familiar to all that are studying Maya cosmology. It’s a cycle of a cycle – a time period between two different gravitational sequences, just as 5184-year period is duration of one time sequence. 129600=25x5184, where 25 is 24-fold cycle + its inertia or ¼ of 100-fold repetition. What’s gravitational and what’s time sequence? Time sequence is constancy of motion (rotation/orbital), while gravitational sequence is constancy of size. Different sequences expand/contract size/motion (space/time) here and now in equal and opposite directions. One is linear, while another is non-linear (accelerated) change. Every 5184 years, time ends/begins and every 129600 years gravity ends/begin (change of frequencies or spectral lines, density). 129600 is ¼ of total (360º) gravitational curvature, which is 4x129600=518400 years – or non-inertial period of 5/6x518400=432000 years of a yuga (since it’s 5/6 fractality as opposed to 4/5 fractality between space and time), where 10 yuga is a larger yuga of 4,32 mill years etc (432000 is 10x1/2x86400 sec of a day and where 86400 is 720x100 +2x720x10 (inertia) or 72+14.4x10³, which is 6x14.4 or 12x7.2 or 24x3.6 etc). More about fractal relations (Bode’s periods) one can find in the book.

Truth is simple, because all is one - what’s not simple is its simplicity, because simplicity on surface is progressive complexity through fractal recursion in its depth and equally vice versa (finite/infinite; space/time or instant/gradual etc). Singular sequence of double helix is 360/5=72º, larger sequence is 72x10=720º and yet larger sequence is 7200-fold repetition of initial inertia. 4x7200=28800, where square (4 linear directions) in time is curvature in space (fractal or 1.111… difference). 28800-year period is inertial period (curvature) of non-inertial 28800/1.111 or 28800-2880=25920 year period (precession), which is 4x6480-year periods of linear times that are 90º angular difference in between.

25920-year period is again inertial period of 25920-2x2592=20736-year non-inertial period of orbital precession (perihelion) and 20736-years (1/10000 of galactic orbital, just as earth’s orbital is 1/10000 light speed) is again 4x5184-year periods (4/5 fractality between orbital and rotational precession – regression of one and advance of another, which repeats in quanta of 20-fold repetitions also central to Maya cosmology). Pentagon without is square within or dimensional (light speed) difference in between. Inertia of 25920-year cycle is 72x72=5184-years, while inertia between 6480 and 5184 is 6^4=1296 years. That inertia is relativity of time. Time is comparable (constant) only in its linear context – i.e. only if less than quantum of space (4D). Time periods larger than its singular quantum are exponentially relative (curved in space) – as per 10-fold longevity/duration before and after quantum event (i.e. flood). 5184-year period is non-inertial period of inertial 6480-year period. It’s only wave derivate of particle/wave duality.

That means that 6480-years of ¼ precession of equinoxes is singular spatial quantum of 4D space, while 5184 (1/4 of orbital precession) is singular time quantum. In other words – 1296 years discrepancy between space and time is instant time, therefore spatial component of time. It’s amount of instant change at the end of time cycle of 5184 years, that’s equal to ¼ of total change affected in course of time. 1296 years is inertial overlap or line of symmetry between space and time, because it’s both – end of time and beginning of space. It’s space/time component in between two different time (or spatial) cycles. It’s gravity of space/time that changes in 129600-year periods.
But than – 3D is not singular but double (dual) inertia – inertia and inertia within inertia (3D is 2D difference in between). It’s inertia in space and time that’s gravity in between and 1296 is only a singular inertia or space/time overlap. Gravitational overlap is overlap within overlap or inertia of 1296 –year period, which is 6x10=60 years, hence 5184 years less 60 years is 5124-year period that is inclusive of its inertial here and now.

5124 + 5/4 (inertia) is 5125.25 years of one solar cycle of Maya. 5/4 inertia is inertia of rotating/orbiting massive earth or discrepancy of 5 ¼ days above perfect non-inertial 360-days orbital period – it’s a massive or size component of wave/particle duality, where 360 is a perfect wave or motion without inertia of its particle. It’s 6480-1296-60+5/4=5125.25-year period as a singular quantum of time or one time cycle in which time is linear constant (1296-years is similarly 5/4 ratio between 6480/5184). In other words – all the time there is in all infinite universe (curvature) is compressed within 5125.25-year cycle of massive earth (linear time or quantum of round time, which is space). There is no more time except a 5125.25-year cycle, which is linear (singular) equal opposite of all infinite time of the universe (curvature). All, except 5125 ¼ years is space and not (passage of) time. It becomes next sequence of passage of time only when first sequence expires. Only collapse of first sequence creates momentum/energy that extracts next sequence of time from its spatial (instant) reality.

Only turning of earth’s rotation upside down creates momentum that keeps earth spinning for another cycle of time (in opposite direction). Without it, gradual slowing of rotation (and/or acceleration of orbital) will halt completely its rotation (and/or accelerate its orbital to light speed) and cause instant collapse of massive earth (implosion in solar context and/or explosion in earth’s context). Every 5125 ¼ year period is synchronicity between earth/solar and/or solar/galactic space/time or resonance between space/time that allows two waves to merge into one larger wave (syzygy between galaxy/solar reality in context of inertial earth in between). Only such resonance allows earth’s time to borrow from solar space in order to perpetuate its physical (space/time) reality. Each period ends with transformation of its past time into instant space within (3D) and/or creation of future time from space without (4D). In other words – it’s instant addition of yet another genetic sequence in spiraling double helix (creation of dense mass within from empty space without and/or creation of energy without from time within).

That’s the reason why a quantum event in ancient texts (bible, Celtic mythology etc) is described as “falling of skies”. It’s instant contraction (compression) of empty space into dense mass and what’s infinite spatial distance in context of passage of time becomes very finite (singular) distance when time stops. In other words – core of galaxy (gravitational black hole) is not 26000 light years away but only a fraction of distance between earth and nearest star (more on this topic in the book). It’s simply a passage through a wormhole of time (remember woodworm in biblical passages). And for the same reason it’s creation of “new heaven (skies or universe) and earth” or raising of phoenix (benu) bird from its own ashes (or ashes of its father – its predecessor).

All spiritual and scientific teachings of the old are different versions of fractality as singular source of infinite reality. It’s spiraling curvature of self-same sequences and this humanity is not first or last but one out of many in a spiraling helix without beginning or end. In other words – it’s been always here only in relatively different fractal shapes, where one shape follows another through purification and each step of the way is remembered in one genetic sequence of its DNA. Each quantum event filters from infinity of different sequences (frequencies) those that are resonant (self similar) with its source. Those self-similar frequencies are yet again multiplied and divided, added and subtracted through fractal recursion in infinity of different shapes and sizes in following period of passage of time and yet again purified at the end of such cycle when only resonant harmonics are filtered through – etc. etc.

There is no need to doubt that Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, Hyperborea; Annunaki etc are for real, because it’s only a tip of the iceberg of humanity’s infinite history. It’s a spiraling curvature. Humanity is not limited by space or time, because it’s its resonance in between and it was always here in different fractal shapes that gradually vanish beyond horizons of time into its non-local depth (i.e. its existence in relatively non-physical shapes compared with present physicality). That’s why occasional artifacts are dated not only into tens of thousands but also into millions and billions of years into the past. Since a sequence beyond 90º curvature is beyond horizon, it’s unobservable in linear direction. And 90x90=8100 or non-inertial 8100-900=7200º is beyond horizons of space and time. While horizon of time in space is 5184 (or 5125 ¼) years, horizon of space in time is yet another 90º (72º) curvature or 373248 (466560) year period, beyond which humanity is hidden under local space/time surface (infinitely distorted).

It’s a big error in judgment to regard end of time (21.12.2012 at 11.11 GMT) as a possibility and not as certainty – i.e. as some vague calendrical end of no real consequences, because such attitude is not in tune (resonance) with reality and only resonant harmonics will pass through such membrane between space and time. It is what it is and that particular point in time is beginning of the end of present sequence and only what’s resonant with inertial source continues building of a double space/time helix. Only fractality is real, hence only perfect self-same replica of inertial source does not cancel out with different frequencies but multiplies by incorporation of two opposite waves into one larger wave (i.e. C/(1/C)=C², where C –light speed, hence incorporation of space within/space without into double space or mass of such empty space). Only perfect symmetry or equality between equal opposites, where one incorporates another are building blocks (sequences) of double helix. The rest is empty (non-resonant) space/time in which it is embedded. Only love that incorporates fear is larger love and only love is real because it’s resonance between equal opposites or perfect self-similarity with its inertial source. Therefore, it’s essential to understand fractality as true reality or only reality there is, because only such understanding opens the door of understanding how to align one’s own reality with its singular source and hence achieve resonance or victory of life over death. Fractality is surmounting one’s own mortality. It’s achieving transformation of spiritual into physical or materialization of one’s own soul – birth of new soul in which past soul becomes its physical body.

But since all is one and any difference is relative – cycle continues regardless, but in different directions of time. Since all there is, is fractal, even such disharmony continues because harmony in space is total chaos in time and equally vice versa. Such non-resonant frequencies that apparently cancel each other out in context of this continuum are perfectly symmetrical (fractal) in relatively different space/time continuum. They simply continue its evolution in different space/time reality or different density (that is perceived as empty space/time here and now). I.e. they continue evolution in all different directions of time, while only resonant harmonics continue in present direction of time. In other words such non-harmonized frequencies proceed at relatively slower pace, compared with here and now (what’s often regarded as slower evolution of less aware aspects of reality, which is subjective interpretation because time is non-existent as spatial or 4D reality, hence final result is always the same).

It’s simply a choice to learn faster or slower, where relatively slower is denser compared with relatively faster evolution. Faster evolution happens in slower cycles, just as slower evolution happen in faster cycles, but end result is the same. That means that slower evolution is larger inertion to change (to bring it in resonance) compared to faster evolution and therefore comparatively more brutal. Brutal or gentle is the choice but end result is the same – because all is one and any aspect of reality is eventually brought in perfect symmetry with its source (Kepler’s observation that all massive particles in course of its rotation pass through its singular center of gravity).

Fractality is simple – as above so bellow, but deeper we go more complex that initial simplicity becomes. But essentially it’s very simple and knowing any one aspect means knowing all infinity of them. An example – Earth’s diameter of 7920 miles is 11x720 or 10-fold recursion of initial 720-fold sequence (where 11 is inversion of 90º curvature or double repetition of one inertial here and now). It’s same as 11.1-year solar cycle because space of earth is time of solar reality. Moon’s orbital is 3x720=2160 miles (11/3 fractality or 11-3=8D difference). 7920-2160=5760, which is 100x57.6 (curvature of orbital precession/perihelion advance, which is 8x7.2 and 7.2 is 1/10 curvature of rotational precession of equinoxes). Earth/moon spatial duality (sizes) determines time periods of orbital and rotational precessional time periods (motions). 7920-2x720=6480 or ¼ precession of equinoxes and 7920-3x720 (moon’s orbital) =5760, ½-way (symmetry) between perihelion and precession cycles (6480-720=5760, just as 5760-576=5184, where 720=5x144 and 576=4x144, i.e. 4/5 fractality).

And there is more – 7920/2160=3.666 or 1/100 of orbital cycle of 360+6 =366 days (excluding ¾ inertia) or simply 360 when reduced to 2D sequence. 1/3.666…=0.2777, where both 3+6 and/or 2+7 are total of 9 (closure of a curvature/cycle) and where 36=6², just as 27 is 3³ (i.e. reduction of one is increase of its opposite but inertial whole remains the same). At the same time moon’s diameter of 2160 miles correspond to inversion of earth’s rotational velocity (1/0.463=2.16 sec/m) – in both instances 216=6³ or famous triple 6 – definition of fractality. To spice it a bit more, lets break 720 into 3/2x480, since 2x360=720, just as 2x240=480, because it’s cycle within a cycle (24+36=60, but again more on the topic of basic 3/2 space/time fractality will be found in the book). In that case, 7920=16.5x480 and 2160=4.5x480 or total of 21x480, while 7920-12x480=2160, which defines 12 months of a year or 12 lunar cycles within one solar cycle (inertial cycles, because non-inertial cycles are 13 as in Mayan cosmology, for example). 72 is solar and 48 is lunar cycle (again more in the book).

Difference between earth and lunar size is 12-fold lunar rotation around earth (motion in between as line of symmetry between their different sizes). So far that simple ratio of sizes have determined precessional and perihelion motion, as well as number of lunar orbitals per one earth orbital and number of rotations per orbital. Furthermore, 11x480=5280 (line of symmetry), which is number of feet per mile or 720ºx7º20', therefore 720x7.333 (difference between 20 and 3.333.. is difference between hexadecimal and/or decimal system , i.e. difference between exclusively spatial and/or space/time reality, which is 6 vs. 10 harmonics respectively, as discussed above). In that case, earth diameter is 1.5x5280, while moon’s diameter is 1/2x5280-480 (inertia). Furthermore, 5280/3.666 (3.666… - ratio between lunar/solar orbital or 7920/2160) is 1440 or number of minutes in one day, while 2640/7920/2160=1.54321x10^-4, which is inversion of 6480 (1/4 precession or quantum of time), where 2640 is ½ of 5280.

At the same time – 5280/7920/2160=3240 or ½ of 6480, where 3240= 324x10 and 324=0.9x360 or 360/1.111… Also: 2160x1.22…=2640 and 1/1.22=0.8181… or recursion of ratio between earth and lunar density (81=9² or 3^4). While 720x7.333… is 5280, 720x7.2=5184 (1/4 orbital precession) or 2x48=96 inertial difference in between (4/3x72). 7.5x720=5400 or ¼ of 21600-year period (inertial cycle of 20736-year cycle or 864 inertial difference in between, which is 1/100 of 86400 sec per day that translates into 216 or 6x6x6 inertial difference between 5400 and 5184 years or ¼ of rotation as its singular quantum, reduced by a factor 100). Similarly, 7.22…x720=5200-year period or 16 years (4²) difference from perfect 5184 year period, while 7.111…x720=5120 or 64 years difference (2/3 of 96, 8/9 of 72 etc). 333-222=111 – 3D in context of its 2D inertial difference is self-same repetition (111…). Infinite self-same recursion within is 7D surface without (days per week). A singular quantum of time is 5120 years +5 ¼ discrepancy (inertion or incoherence, eccentricity etc.), that’s 5 ¼ days above perfect 360-day’s year (non-inertial wave). It’s recursive 5125.25-year cycle of time. Once again Maya accuracy exceeds anything known in context of “modern” science, because they knew what we don’t.

Maya cycle is 20x13=260, which is 20 fold recursion in context of 13-fold recursion, which is 6+6=12 in context if inertial here and now in between or total of 13 surfaces. 260-fold cycle is 1/100 of 26000-year precessional cycle, just as it’s human gestation period, whose subsequent lifespan is 100x260 days or 72 years. And it’s not a coincidence that 260/360=0.7222…, just as is not a coincidence that 72 heartbeats per minute amounts to 26000 (25920) in 6 hrs (1/4 day) or 129600 per day (double curvature or 360²). It’s as above so bellow, because all is one. Time in context of past curvature is space in context of future curvature (and/or gravity of its successive curvature). 25920 years of time is 25920x10² km in space (one day of orbital motion or 30km/sec x 86400 sec). Likewise – 25920 light years between earth and core of galaxy (spatial size) is 25920 years in time (duration of precessional motion). Just as 25920 light years is 6480-fold distance between earth and nearest star (4 light years), so is period of time 4x6480 years (curvature). And distance to nearest star is equally 6480-fold multiplication of Pluto’s orbital that’s 40-fold multiplication of earth’s orbital (40 AU x 6480 =259200 AU, where 1AU=500 sec or 8.333 min, hence 259200x500=129600000 sec or 1500 days, which is 4.1666 years). Moreover – orbital x inverse rotational velocity of earth is 30x2.16=64.8 or 1/100 of 6480. 6480-fold recursion is boundary of rotation in context of orbital! Beyond such point that ratio changes instantly (quantum leap) to a new resonant frequency. And so on and so forth – fractality is infinity of infinite curvatures of a singular source.

Before conclusion, let’s see why 7-fold recursion is different from all others. It’s because every infinity of space is reduced to finite curvature in time and/or vice versa – except 7. I.e. inversion of infinite 0.3333 recursion is finite (whole) 3, infinite 0.222… is 4.5, infinite 0.444… is 2.25 etc, but 0.777… is in its inversion 1.285714286… (transcendental number). Simultaneously – 0.777…/0.333…=0.259259 or recursive 259 sequence, which is time of space (boundary) or 25920 years of time, because 0.777…+0.333…=1.111…. I.e. it’s the same 260-fold sequence of 13x20 when reduced to 2D sequence (space/time duality). In other words – number 7 is true line of symmetry of 10 recursive harmonics, which is 6 harmonics within and 3 harmonics without in context of inertial 7 in between or line of symmetry between singularity and duality (infinity). That’s why it’s “lucky” number – because it’s in perfect resonance with its singular source or its perfect fractal. It’s singular here and now of infinite space and time, within and without.

Hopefully it’s a coherent explanation of fractality and why singular quantum of time is 5125 ¼ years as in Maya cosmology and why it’s real and not only imaginary end of present sequence of space/time reality. If it’s not coherent enough than only remedy is going once again over entire text, this time much slower than before and if it needs yet another repetition, then let it be. Alternatively – it’s better to read it once very slowly than many times quickly. Remember that your survival depends on it and it has no price in time that’s not worth it. Repetition is mother of wisdom, because reality is fractal recursion of only one truth in relatively different aspects and each repetition deepens surface understanding, till its saturation point (90º), when such repetition overcomes its own inertion and gives birth to entirely new reality. Infinite time within is one spatial sequence without, because time is angular or non-local depth of local space on its surface, just as space is angular depth of horizontal time. A Big Bang in space is preceded by an infinite time, just as Big Bang in time is preceded by an infinite space that’s gradual cause of such instant effect.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 11:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This might sound silly, but what is the deal with the Mayan calender lately? I am just perhaps learning to sort of read this thing. Are we entering some kind of vast night? Everyone around me seems really.....low, and my friend's mother just killed herself.
I was just wondering as I am interested in vast mind.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 7:46 am    Post subject: That's just the way it is... Reply with quote

The Mayans tapped into the cosmic "respiration" and described it using a calendrical system that followed the evolution of this manifestation of universal consciousness.

Each cycle represents the inward and outward cyclical movement of cosmic intelligence as it resonates upwards towards a level of consciousness that will allow the fusion of man with his source.

As this conscious energy reaches higher and higher levels, the seeming speed with which events occur gains momentum. The "end" of the calendar is just the upcoming inflection point in this sinusoidal curve. At this point (Oct. 2011) our "approach" to dealing with our conscious perception of reality will change. Like all inflection points the change may be radical but it will be gradual.

Stay cool and continue to be intelligent. Very Happy

The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 3:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

So where is a good place to get an accurate calender. I am curious if we care in a 'night' or approaching one.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 3:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

bri wrote:
I am curious if we care in a 'night' or approaching one.

We are currently in Day 5, approaching Night 5 beginning on November 18, 2007 as shown below:

As you can see from the chart comparing the Galactic, Planetary and National Time Periods the Days & Nights describe recurring cycles of evolutionary development on a hierarchial basis. Each level of development is synchroniously occuring simultaneously such that the cycles on all levels converge on October 28, 2011.

Notice the similarities in Day 5 between each of the levels - during the 1st thru the 4th centuries the Roman Empire reached its peak of expansion and began to decay as the 5th century loomed. NIght 5 was the 5th thru the 8th centuries, a period well known in contemporary history as the Dark Ages.

Day 5 of the next level up was the period 1913 to 1933, a time when the world witnessed major war and the US economy exploded in the Roaring 20's. Then as Night 5 began in 1933 the stock market had crashed and the US was suffering the worst of the Great Depression.

Essentially, each Day & Night is a fractalized version of evolution applied to the linear time periods as shown. Each of the 13 periods is associated with a particular energy that can be compared to the stages of plant growth.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 4:14 pm    Post subject: "And I like the fiddly bits best." Slartibartfast Reply with quote

Also notice that we are in the last "day" of every creation cycle except the current (galactic) and upcoming (universal - which only lasts during 2011, won't that be a ride!).

That is one shitload of light coming our way. Don't forget that light and dark are just part of our creative duality. Being creative is of little point if you do not manage to make use of what you create, good or bad.

The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 8:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

DrewTerry wrote:
Essentially, each Day & Night is a fractalized version of evolution applied to the linear time periods as shown. Each of the 13 periods is associated with a particular energy that can be compared to the stages of plant growth.

Hey DT. Interesting conceptualization. Like the eureka moment followed by putting the spark to the combustibles, a society developes artistic sensibilities and then descends into crass commercialism (or so it seems etc.) Scientists discover atomic theory and then the warmongers find a way to need and develop a bomb.

Fractals are graphical constructs whose precursor equations contain imaginary numbers. While a computer is usually used to make them, Jackson Pollack actually created "paintings" that turn out to be fractals! The imaginary component provides the uniqueness of each portion, even though they are all similar parts of the whole. Does sound kind of familiar, doesn't it? Very Happy

The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 2:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Peter wrote:
DrewTerry wrote:
Essentially, each Day & Night is a fractalized version of evolution applied to the linear time periods as shown. Each of the 13 periods is associated with a particular energy that can be compared to the stages of plant growth.

Hey DT. Interesting conceptualization. Like the eureka moment followed by putting the spark to the combustibles, a society developes artistic sensibilities and then descends into crass commercialism (or so it seems etc.) Scientists discover atomic theory and then the warmongers find a way to need and develop a bomb.

Fractals are graphical constructs whose precursor equations contain imaginary numbers. While a computer is usually used to make them, Jackson Pollack actually created "paintings" that turn out to be fractals! The imaginary component provides the uniqueness of each portion, even though they are all similar parts of the whole. Does sound kind of familiar, doesn't it? Very Happy


I might suggest metaphysical component rather than imaginary - invisible to our eyes, for sure - but every cell in my body knows it is real, and the intensity of my "intuitivity" grows with each "pulse" of resonating energy.

Have you watched any of Ian's videos on Google? The links are on page 1 of this thread - cannot recommend them enough. Truly inspiring (especially knowing that Ian literally gave his life to the native Mayan people still living in Guatemala. He made them a solemn promise that he would spend the rest of his life telling truth about the Mayan calendar to everyone who would listen.

Everything has a purpose in life as far as our evolution is concerned - even such horrific events as World War 1 and World War 2, as well as the relatively recent rise of Islam and the aggression of Isreal in the Middle East (Dr. Calleman has written an essay about this on page 1 of this thread as well).

I will say this: the calendar does a helluva lot better job than anything else I know of when it comes to explaining and understanding seemingly mysterious trends such as the decline and fall of the Roman Empire and how it moved West and for a while was "reincarnated" as the Byzantine Empire - and then moved further West again, landing in Washington, D.C. and "reincarnating" again as the United States (D.C. is the furthest west a city could be located and still be on the water while being within a few degrees north or south of the latitude of Rome).

Coincidence? What are the odds? As if D.C. was not constructed in the grand tradition of spectacular Roman architecture...

What are the odds that it could be entirely coincidence? I doubt very good.

The US is in every single way the mirror image of the Roman Empire - modernized as it evolved and adapted itself to the new paradigm of the 21st century.


Think about that: is there any other country on earth that devotes as much time, effort, money and power to constructing a stadium in as many cities as we do? Multiple stadiums in the same city - and lets face the fact that building a stadium is a real "rite of passage" in the growth of the power and prestige of any city in the US.

Rome didn't fall because of lead in the water or their barbarous lifestyle of pagan excess and debauchery - those behaviors were symptoms and indications of a shift in the existential energy to which all of creation is in resonance and harmony - even when seemingly disharmonious events occur such as led to the downfall of this or that empire throughout history. It was a shift in the energy of consciousness that precedes the change in behavior that either allows a particular society to start, grow, wither and die. Just like everything else in life there are cycles of growth and decay and growth again.

It Is As It Is.

And to anyone wondering "whats the big deal who gives a shit what calendar we use" consider the fact that



Think about it!! The whole world agrees on that one thing.

That which is a product of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Knowing what we know of the RC Church, I say "why are we using the Gregorian calendar any more than we HAVE to?"

We certainly can't do any worse than the Gregorian - so whatever the Mayans knew that has the potential to enlighten humanity today - I say,


(besides "consciousness?")
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 4:50 am    Post subject: What really matters is what matters to you. Reply with quote

Hi Drew

Yes I have (bought the DVD as well to support the site). I have had a few convos with Carl and with Maddy about various things. They are both interesting and enlightened in their own ways. (I bought Carl's 1st book as well as Argeulla's from Amazon and guess what arrived in the package with the b/l showing the above? Both of Carl's books! Some kind of a sign of the calendrical times I would say... Very Happy

Explaining the resonance of civilization(read consciousness) is the better part of understanding the whys and wherefores. This is also of great help in dealing with modern society and personal involvement in today's activities. There is both bad and good in everything so how you deal with them both is the mark of the person that you are.

The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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