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Mayan Overview of Evolution of Consciousness
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2007 3:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

360 Uinal/Day Long Count (right)
Shows the Creation Date & Major Cycles
Stele 1 Codex - Coba, Mexico
Relates to the 260 Tun Tzolkin Count

Key Discovery to Understanding the Mayan Calendar

260 Tun/Day Tzolkin Count (left)
Thirteen Heavens of Creation Cycles
Relates to the 360 Uinal Long Count

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2007 4:11 pm    Post subject: Wag the World Reply with quote


Wag the World

By: By: Ian Xel Lungold

9 Jaguar (IX)

Written: March 12, 2004

You are being seduced, people. We are all being actively seduced.

Much like in a play or a movie, you’re being seduced into paying attention to what is on the screen and nothing else. What was going on with the cameramen, director and producers, you never considered. Your curiosity had you by the frontal lobes.

You were seduced.

In the world of entertainment, that’s fine. But what is going on now concerns our very lives.

I am fairly certain that you are familiar with the term “Wag the Dog.” What is going on right now, right in our faces is, “Wag the World.”

Take the upcoming election, for example. The polls (conducted and paid for by who knows?) say that this race is neck-and-neck. Too close to call, a cliffhanger. This is seductive, isn’t it? Who will win? Will it be Skull-and-Bones Bush or Skull-and-Bones Kerry? With all voting machines owned by Republicans, and no paper trail, I guess it is pretty much a toss-up who comes out on top. So why do the drama?

The only reason is to deeply involve the public in a partisan conflict, the outcome of which is no more meaningful than an NFL, NBA, NHL game or NASCAR race. You understand that all those leagues are businesses, dedicated to enlisting your emotional allegiance so you will pay attention—and dollars $—to see how it turns out. Right?

And what difference does that outcome produce? Unless you bet the farm on the game or on the season, not all that much, huh? Sure was exciting though, wasn’t it?

A close game or a close race makes people pay attention—gets us really involved. Get out there and vote, people! Be proud to participate in this great democracy, where “Every Vote Counts!” (As long as you vote for those who WE, the Powers that BE, have appointed as our stooges.)

I wonder why the New England Patriots have been in every Super Bowl since September 11, 2001? How do you hide a conspiracy? Make it so big that no one can imagine it. Does 9/11 ring a bell?

What good is having all the POWER if you don’t use it? And if you already have all the money and the natural resources of the planet, what would you be hungry for?

Yes, “They,” the Powers that Be—the international corporations, the insurance companies, the banks—own everything, including the air that you are breathing. So what do “They” want? “They” want the only stuff that you have ever really had, your Time and Attention. All your possessions (including your body), and your various relationships, you have only for a Time, and then only as long as you are paying Attention to them. Your total Time and Attention is what “They” want, and “They” are doing a bang-up job of getting what “They” want, aren’t they?

What is going on here is a plot divide the people to the maximum degree, by small degrees at a time, as in a seduction. You know that if you move too fast in a seduction it will have to be aborted or it becomes a rape. Now rape is usually resisted—throughout history many leaders were caught, taken out and murdered for the rape of the people and the national treasuries. In this case, the treasuries are already secured, so the reach is for the absolute enslavement of your Time and Attention, your emotions and your passion. Really stinkin’ sneaky isn’t it?

Circa 1755, Power Consciousness slowly began to carry out its domination plan. Ever since, stage by stage, more and more issues have been trotted out to shock the public—to cause them to rise in outrage—to confuse and divide the public while unifying power.

Divide and conquer, for total victory. All of this is being done very methodically. Each step is calculated—the public must be able to understand the reasoning behind it. If “They” were to do too radical a departure from the norm, the seduction would be over and the public would revolt too soon, so they have to build this slowly. They have to raise your emotions and passions by degree, either for or against something. When you care enough, when your anger and fear have been evoked strongly enough, when your passions have been whipped into a frenzy, when you are willing to kill for your beliefs, They (Republican and/or Democrat corporate media puppets) will have finished their job and can kick back and enjoy the fruits of ruling a slave population on Planet Earth. What a Party! Can you imagine all the Power!?? They can.

I have an admission to make. For the last fifteen years or so, I have been a news addict. I have watched, read and listened to all of the shit that has rolled downhill, and have acquired some big ass calluses. (Believe me, you need ’em to sit through it all.)

I understand why you wouldn’t want to—but somebody had to do it. And what I have discovered is a definite pattern—designed to slowly turn up the outrage factor. Like a toad in a warm bucket of water, we are sitting here as the heat rises to boiling, and all the toadies get cooked.

Those of you who are reading this—and have read the earlier “Third Night News” articles—have a very special advantage. We know how all of this eventually turns out. Ethics over Power as the Galactic Cycle continues its evolutionary sweep and a smoother ride for those aligned with spirit from the Fourth “Day” (2005) onward.

What this means is that we do not have to become seduced by the drama. Have your ever watched a movie four or five times? What happened to the dramatic effect? It went limp, didn’t it? But you did get to see a lot more of went into the movie as you watched it over and over, didn’t you? Camera angles, lighting, costume details and so on. This is because you knew how it turned out.

So now, with the Mayan calendar cycles, we can see when and how this is all going to turn out, and the big production drama being put on for us has very little effect. In fact, the performance looks sort of clownish, and, frankly, there are some very poor actors in bit parts out there.

The 2004 election is going to make WWWF look like the Amateur Hour. It will end up being actual physical bloody politics towards the end. Along the way, the general public will be leaked progressively inflammatory information (by various whistle blowers) up to and including that George Bush and Cheney did do 9/11, as a last-ditch campaign ploy to get out the votes to beat Bush. It makes sense that if they were really desperate, they would do that, right? That’s very important, because this all has to be done in degrees. It has to feel natural—not too sudden or the seduction is ruined. They are working on it right now, inflaming every cultural, economic, religious and ethnic conflict that they can!

They are busy turning the heat up and the lights off!

All of this is actually being done, by the way, by The Galactic Consciousness Cycle that is really running this show—on a very particular schedule. (The Galactic Cycle is all about discernment, individuation and dissection for full disclosure and ultimate truth.)

The schedule of the Evolution of Consciousness is a repeating cycle that ascends in a spiral path described by the Mayan calendar. What we know about what will probably occur in our near future is from the past, from historical records of what Consciousness has gone through during the same Creative/Destructive energies in previous cycles.

We also know that the best two men for the job of Pres and Vice Pres are the only two Democrats who got totally ignored so far. (If you don’t know who they are, the media blackout worked on you.) So we have Skull-and-Bones Kerry as the corporate-appointed Democrat nominee—and these two “other guys” who are running on the Consciousness/Light and Laughter platform. This platform is to be the dominating Consciousness of 2005, or the Fourth “Day” of the Mayan calendar.

How does someone get picked to be a presidential candidate? Who would the power elite trust with the hundreds of trillions of dollars that they control World Wide? Not just anybody, that’s for sure. And not anyone who stands up for the citizens—they might spend some of that money on the people! Oh God No! Not that! So what is the process?

The following data comes from many sources on the Internet and various “conspiracy” books--fairly impossible to track all the way down to source--but the sheer number of similar reports from wide-spread sources seems to indicate there must be some truth to what I am about to reveal.

We know how cruel people can be to one another in public. What about not just in private, but in secret? Who loves secrets? The Powerful that's who. The deeper and darker the secret, the more powerful the secret.

It starts in school, some law school or Ivy League college—some special, club-type institution.

It starts with an invitation to join a club or secret society—offered because of your lineage, because of your connections and your desire to become powerful. Favors are offered as a reward for joining these clubs and societies. To begin with, the favors involve grades, drugs, alcohol and sex. Membership begins with a ceremony, or initiation, that binds the person to secrecy.

How do you do that for sure?

By photographing the new “Member” involved in sexual acts—photographs that would instantly ruin their lives if they were ever made public.

Now you’re not ever going to tell anything about the workings of the group. Later, when a “Member” is approached by the club for a “favor,” that member had better perform or he or she will not progress up the power ladder. These favors start small and are only slightly illegal—or perhaps “only” immoral—and the person is rewarded with lavish gifts of sex, money, connections and prestige. The next favors are more involved, designed to test the “Member’s” resourcefulness and the strength of his or her desire to gain money, power, and sexual rewards. Rewards for these favors lead to the witnessing of taboo ceremonies involving sex and torture, regular orgies having lost their kick by now for the up-and-coming “Member.” Once a “Member” desires public office or a “ready made” business success, attendance at these rituals becomes mandatory. (All on film of course.) Once in office or at the head of the corporation, the “Member” will be expected to personally perform the ritual torture and/or killing of the victim(s). After the “Member” has demonstrated his or her willingness to personally torture and murder on command, he or she makes the not-so-short list of potential leaders. This is not to say that all CEOs or politicians or police are involved. Those aforementioned are the ”Members” who have directly received “Favors.” These are people who have advanced themselves at the suffering of others. Lots of “Members” out there or you wouldn’t be hurting like you are.

How would you make sure that someone was willing to kill tens of thousands or millions of people for the sole benefit of your powerful friends? Through duly witnessed and photographed demonstrations of their total lack of regard for human suffering and loss of life. Now, the “Member” has become a suitable nominee for president or prime minister of whatever country they happen to be lurking in. Don’t think so? Can’t happen here?

Where do one hundred and fifty thousand kids disappear to each year in this country alone?

And you thought it was only pretty little white girls advertised on TV that go missing?

Check out what is happening in the Belgium courts right now over pedophile sex ring charges and the number of suicides among government leaders and policemen all across Europe.

Have you heard of the Amber Alert Bill? Do you know how and why and what that bill is? Do you know why it was rushed through, with rider bills attached?

Now there is a system that alerts everyone on the road of any vehicle’s make, color and license plate number in which a stolen kid may be riding. No matter why the police want this car and driver, everyone thinks it’s a kidnapping. Welcome to the US Public Police Force—you have been deputized.

Night clubs in your area shutting down? As a rider to the Amber Alert Bill, any club owner or venue renter is guilty of the possession of all controlled substances found in the possession of patrons at their club or venue. This will stop people from gathering anywhere other than Christian revival meetings, football games, stockcar races or other corporate-endorsed events. No drug checks there, huh?

So, how’s it going to go from how bad it is now to how it should be in 2005?

VERY QUICKLY is tanswer to that question. Very quickly indeed.

During each fourth “Day” the newest consciousness, in this case ETHICS, overcomes the previous consciousness, POWER, and new foundations are laid for the new consciousness to develop along its evolutionary path toward the next evolutionary jump.

The next jump is the consciousness of Conscious Co-Creation.

As you are already seeing in your lives today, there are more and more synchronicities, and random telepathic experiences happening. We are stepping into our roles of being creators right now. And, in fact, creating your own survival during the coming changes will be only way to survive. This is an evolution, after all. Evolution is a fabulously effective tool. Look how far we’ve come from cellular ooze in just 820 million years.

But Evolution has no mercy. This does not have to be tough on a Creator, just on victims.

Got it?

The storm will rise. The storm will rage and the storm will pass, leaving a cleaner environment for renewed growth. We know how it ends, with light and love prevailing.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 10:05 pm    Post subject: Audio: The Mind of the Maya Reply with quote

Audio: The Mind of the Maya

Beyond the hype about 2012 and beneath the nonsense
about global catastrophe is an ancient Mayan culture with
an astonishing understanding of the universe and of
consciousness --more revelant today than when it
was developed thousands of years ago.

Internationally celebrated author and Mayan Calendar expert
Carl Johan Calleman joins Fintan Dunne to Discuss.

"The Next Level" Internet Radio Show

DSL Mp3 Audio

Dialup Mp3 Audio


Graphics copyright http://www.mayanmajix.com

Carl Calleman's Web Site: http://www.calleman.com



The Mayan Culture

The Mayan culture has undergone substantial changes throughout its existence. It is part of the wider context of Mesoamerican civilization that stretched from Central America into present day southern United States. This civilization was based on the cultivation of Maize and shared the Sacred 260 day calendar. It is estimated that the Maya started to cultivate Maize about 5000 years ago, around the time set for the beginning of their Long Count. It is however only at about the time of Christ that we can talk about the emergence of a high culture among the Maya....

The Mayan calendar is associated with nine creation cycles, which represent nine levels of consciousness or Underworlds as symbolized by the Mayan pyramids. This pyramidal structure of consciousness development can explain things as disparate as the common origin of world religions and the modern complaint that time seems to be moving faster.

Time, in fact, is speeding up as we transition from the materialist Planetary Underworld that still governs us to a new and higher frequency of consciousness, the Galactic Underworld, in preparation for the final Universal level of conscious Enlightenment.

The Mayan calendar is thus a spiritual device that enables a greater understanding of the evolution of consciousness driving human history and the concrete steps we can take to align ourselves with this cosmic evolution toward Enlightenment.

Scroll Up this page for Full Details by DrewTerry
in this special Mayan forum topic:

Evolution of Consciousness

Go to Next Page for Comments on this Audio

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 9:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for the follow up Fintan. Great stuff from Carl and Ian. Ties in beautifully with your work on Treeincarnation.

And thank you, Drew!
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 10:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Another entertaining audio there Fintan and Kathy.

You touched on the subject of intuition and I would have to concur that that is where we are heading. The discussion about the flow of the intention is interesting and coincides with something I've been taught about Command vs Control. One would like to be in Command but not in Control. So Command would coincide with the choices we have before us and then once made, allow creation to manifest in which ever way it chooses (based on our beliefs), without controlling and dictating a particular outcome.

Now Fintan, you did make me Laughing though with some of your comments:

“…something occurred to me Carl as you were speaking and as I was asking those questions. That it would be very easy to characterise this the wrong way. We are not talking as if Carl Calleman is in touch with entities on the other side, or astrological law which is informing his analysis of 5th day and 5th night. I emphasise that for people, it’s by looking at what happened during 5th day and 5th night period say at the 6th level where we had the development of culture and art…..”

“…once one talks about predictive things..I’m just emphasising that this is not that kind of um..er..circus fairground prediction it’s just simply looking at what happened before….”

It seems to me you are scared shitless about going anywhere near this topic of disincarnate souls and whether they can speak to us. Shit no. What would people think.

You could hear them now "Fintan Dunne is another David Icke. Whaaat a loooooseeer. Nay Nay Nay!!!"

Why didn't you just say so in your email to me, that you just thought it was bs, rather than hide behind your juggling ability.:roll:

By the way, to all you fellow skeptics out there I learnt about Command vs Control via a channelled source so don't listen to it. It's all bs. It's all bs. Unless you can prove it using 'scientific methods', it's all bs. Isn't that right. Question

P.S. I still luvs ya Fintan, even with your, not quite open enough, mind. Very Happy

Choices For Your Soul
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 5:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It seems to me you are scared shitless about going anywhere near this topic of disincarnate souls and whether they can speak to us. Shit no. What would people think.

You could hear them now "Fintan Dunne is another David Icke. Whaaat a loooooseeer. Nay Nay Nay!!!"

I think there is a very difficult balance to be struck with these issues. People like me who are totally new to it all can be easily put off. I came to this website for the political analysis, and I'm just beginning to dip a toe into all the other material here at BFN. I've listened to this Audio and simply cannot comment because, as I say, I haven't been involved in this world before now.

Coming hot on the heels of the Alex Jones/Temple of Doom Audio and the heavy political analysis in the 9/11 3i Audios, I couldn't get my head around this Audio at all. And when it is centre stage on the Home Page for a week, it worries me that people coming here for the first time for the 9/11 political analysis say, turn around and leave because of this other material.

Don't get me wrong, I like the range and depth of exploration on this website. I'm just saying, Fintan and Kathy have quite a balancing act to perform here, and I don't know that there are any easy answers as to how to achieve that.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 8:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Don't get me wrong, I like the range and depth of exploration on this website. I'm just saying, Fintan and Kathy have quite a balancing act to perform here, and I don't know that there are any easy answers as to how to achieve that.

I feel that the implied requirement for specialization is a bad part of any balancing act. And why define, or structure in a balance? As a community, most B4N discussions are very wide ranging and open and I like that a lot. Its important that its diverse as that is the added value in the knowledge.

As someone who craves any and all information I find great value here. As someone who values critical thought, I find the open minded discussions here challenging and fun too. Since I form my own opinions and decide what is important or relevant to life on this planet, I'm not the structured or defined balanced delivery type. Thats me... but specialists are cool too, long as the mind is open and sharing knowledge.

I like the Mayan stuff... maybe some value there, maybe not, we'll see as we grow... no worries, no hurries, no balancing acts required. Just have fun with it and use it if its valuable.

Glad you're all here!
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 8:27 am    Post subject: The Maya, Ethics & 9/11 Truth Reply with quote

Audio: The Maya, Ethics & 9/11 Truth

The ancient Mayan calendar is an analytical system
with extraordinary capability to describe the past and chart the future.

The calendar indicates the triumph of Ethics over Power in the years ahead,
with stunning implications for the 9/11 issue. We show how this ancient
system implies a great victory now awaits the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Fintan Dunne examines the promise of the Mayan calendar analysis.

"The Next Level" Internet Radio Show

DSL Mp3 Audio

Dialup Mp3 Audio

Graphic Illustrations mentioned in this audio:

Figure 1

Figure 2

Day One: is a period of “Light”. It is the inception, a planting of seed, a new beginning or impetus to change or flow in a new direction. Night One: is a period of “Night” or the opportunity to apply the enlightenment. Germination of the seed planted in the dark soil or the developments of new points of view.

Day Two: Duality is put on display. In nature, a seed sprouts up out of the ground and displays two leaves. In human history, this has always been a time of civil turmoil. Night Two: polarized factions come to blows over their differences. Indeed these periods in human history are peaks of violence.

Day Three: In nature this is the development of a root system and the second set of leaves. In human history during this section lies or failed systems are disclosed so that progress is not blocked. Night Three: The seedling leaves are dropped as another set of leaves spring from the top. In human history failed systems have been jettisoned, usually by force, during this section.

Day Four: The tap root grows deep to firmly attach the plant while the stock thickens and branches form. In human history the “New” point of view and way of doing things takes dominance. For instance the empire of Greece was built during this section. Night Four: The application of new procedures. In human history it has usually been a period of rebuilding and a time of healing.

Day Five: The brightest period of “light in the entire cycle. In a plants life this is when new chemicals are produced that carry the message to form buds. In human history, it was this section when Art was invented, the message of Jesus moved over the earth. Einstein discovered the theory of relativity and America with the victory of WWI rose to world power. Night Five: The darkest period of each cycle. The growth of the bud. Puberty. In human history great physical hardship or major conflicts. The Illonian Ice Age, Neanderthals going extinct, Rome falling and WWII are glaring examples.

Day Six: A period of “Enlightenment.” This is the time of flowers for the plant. For you it was adolescence. In human history this was the creation of 1st tools, the 1st attempts at agriculture and constructed shelter, the renaissance and most recently, the flower children movement of the sixties. Night Six: one last period of “Dark” in the cycle. In the plant’s life the flowers wilt prior to fruit development. This is what happened to the Maya civilization right on queue. Throughout human history there have been conflicts and revolts during this period, most recent of these having been the Viet Nam war.

Day Seven: a period of “Light” once again, a time of readiness for something new and different. A time of ascension, going from one level to the next higher level. The plant spreads the seeds or drops the fruit to begin again a thousand times over. In human history consciousness developed Homo Sapiens, agriculture and domesticated herds, and put up the Internet creating a planetary consciousness in 1992.

Figure 3

The Mayan Calendar

Maya Civilization

Go to Page 1 of this topic for Mayan resources
by BreakForNews Forum member DrewTerry:

Evolution of Consciousness

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 12:53 pm    Post subject: x Reply with quote

skeptics. maybe that's not always the point in this. these ideas are like...a sop, if anything. but maybe that's not a good idea.
but the material presented yesterday brightened up my outlook very much. i need to donate (when i can).

i'm sensitive so can use all the angles concerning the (hard to pin) energies we have to deal with.

so far i like the model. but as we know, one can find patterns any where. i even stopped reading books about these delvings as this is what it all seemed to be. see a pattern in plaster...write a book...

But...i used to (hear we go again) trip, hard. and i can excitedly say that i experienced this subjective time increase first hand before i read about it. i also experienced man's cosmic vector. as indicated by what we have here, we do seemingly eventually merge with It - or whatever that's more like a Field.

spirits, dead etc? this is really no big deal. where do you think halloween or all souls day etc came from? this was'nt wishful thinking. it was the nature of the Veil; bleedthrough. windows, towards the fall.
why the fall i'm not sure but i hope it's not simply due to projection/correspondence to vegetation cycles.
it has to due with man's psyche (and nature's changing qualities of course), which happens to wax in psychism around the fall (and by fractal extension...). this corresponds to zodiacal sequence.
the darker female/lunar/underworld energies = psychism, among other things.

Fintan can be quite the showman. or bard. but i agree with the line about balance. all this Could end up going down a wrong road.

got a sample astrology reading from a mayan approach last year. the system sounded similar to what's above. anyway, this had some descriptions that i've never seen in my tropical readings. important stuff.

but it's ideas like this that help me get through the days....

danke schon
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 3:50 pm    Post subject: By the Numbers Reply with quote

I'd like to stay on topic as much as possible, but anyway some of the points by posters above are relevant. Me runnin' scared of topics? Um... that idea doesn't square with my major inquiry into reincarnation I think. My 'circus act' comment comes out of informed cynicism about the commercial nature of the pervasive 'other side' business. Big topic for some other day.

But the bottom line is that my analytical skills as deployed against the 9/11 coverup are hardly likely to suddenly desert me when examining other issues. I don't take a position on something without good reason.

And when it comes to the Mayan Calendar, I only ever had general impressions -not informed scientific opinion. But, looking into it, the numbers make an airtight case. By numbers, I mean the odds are astronomical that you could manage to slot into place all the major developments of history, within a clear explanatory structure, somehow by sheer chance. The odds are off the scale.

Which means it 's a fairly reliable predictive system based on already observed pattern. And so we better take a close look. Yeah, it's an attitudinal minefield -especially as the hype merchants are all over it and the social planners would love to twist it for their own benefit... but there ya' go, the facts are the facts.

I tried to pick scientific holes in it, believe me.

I couldn't.

If anyone can -let me know.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 3:54 pm    Post subject: A small trouble with the audio Reply with quote

I don't know if I'm the only one, but I got a partially garbled and repeating audio instead of the nice, normal tone that I enjoy listening to. I tried downloading both audio twice and still got no joy.

I managed to get near the end of the 'cast and I really want to know about the future! Seems highly ironic that this powerful system of prophecy has denied itself to me... Or more likely, as a co-creator, that I've denied something that I want.

On a less paradoxical note (from a user called Paradox) where can one find a description of the days and night system? I recall seeing a video that was linked on this topic to Google, a series of presentation about the various energies that would be explained for each day. I think I'm capable of using this kind of knowledge, but where is it? Any ideas, anyone?
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 4:12 pm    Post subject: Science Reply with quote

Just saw what you had to say about this Fintan.

I'm glad that you decided to take up the topic.

Seriously, on the audio of two days ago, I was thinking at one point how happy I was that you were doing the audio. A few minutes later, you mentionned that you and your guest were co creators, along with the people listening.

Score one for the accelerated synchronicities.

I'm new here, so nobody "knows" about who I am, my past, experiences thoughts and so on. I've dabbled seriously in science and would qualify myself as an advanced generalist with a strong taste for spirituality.

I can see where individuals would be sceptical of future predictions. My own intuitions run very strongly towards the Mayan Calendar system being correct. Way back when, I made the link between the Bible's Seven Days and the accelerating creation process (the ancient universe, life emerging, animals, mammals and so forth.)

I don't think we should try to use the term scientific. Leave it at synchronistic. There is only so much we can do for individuals seeking proof. I don't mean to skirt the responsabilities of critical thought, only I wish to point out that our rational thoughts must, if pursued to their rational end, self-destruct and leave us ambivanlantly placed between science and intuition.

In fact, I really we need to talk more about the implications of what the Maya have left us. To me, it's just awesome that we have a rough roadmap of what's coming up for us.

I would love to know what people here think will happen in the 'Next Level'
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