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Our Future Vision: Full Spectrum Liberty -inc. Audio
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2007 3:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry, is 'navari' banned or just not posting anymore? I think there needs to be a section on this website to explain this (for democratic purposes of course).

Long Time Lurker
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2007 2:15 am    Post subject: Re: Our Future Vision: Full Spectrum Liberty -inc. Audio Reply with quote

navari wrote:
Back in January I started a thread called: "Serious: Why are we at this forum?".
At the time I did not disclose why I was here because I did not want to
influence anyone else's input. Like most, I'm here because I want to:

1. learn and understand what is really going on in the world.
2. be around people who have, for the most part, already awoken to the issues.
3. openly and sincerely discuss issues and ideas without getting flamed by
those "compartmentalized" by so many psy-op paradigms.

But lastly and most importantly, I want to be able to transcend the
dissection and analysis of what the elites are doing ("to us") and invest
time in creating a vision for the future. We spend a lot of time trying to
figure out and combat the elite's roadmap for our future, without having
one for ourselves. I'd like to flip things around, and work on establishing
our own vision, our own plan, then let the damn elites see if they can
compete in the global network of ideas. With the power of the Web, we
now have equal footing in that marketplace of ideas, but what we don't
have are our own set of competing ideas.

I frequently study the military industrial complex, looking to their long
term strategies for ideas and concepts that can be leveraged to our own
benefit. There is one military concept that I believe Rumsfeld created
called Full Spectrum Dominance. My understanding is that the military's
goal is to completely overwhelm the enemy, with total military, economic,
psychological and communications dominance.... until the enemy is
completely overwhelmed and simply capitulates.

Well, to start with, I'd like to make an attempt at turning that concept on
its head....something I call Full Spectrum Liberty. What I casually
define as a system of global liberty so pervasive, so ingrained into the
psyche of each individual, that no elite, no government, no individual can
negatively impact it.

To get back to the initial reason for my earlier thread on "Serious: Why are we at this forum?,"
I am interested in working with a group of folks, like those on this forum,
in an effort to define a vision for FSL. Some questions I ask myself are:

- What might FSL look like in 100 years?
- How will the money supply be created and managed?
- What do national border look like?
- How do states maintain security without infringing individual's rights?
- How do we insure proper citizen oversight on the public domain?

The list of questions goes on and on and on.

But for me, this is where I'd like to spend my energy. I think we all have
a pretty good handle on what the elites want to do and how they have
psyop'd us for ever. We obviously need to keep telling the story to other's
who are only just starting to awaken. But I think that selling a positive
vision for how society can be engineered can be extremely appealing, and
perhaps lower the barrier of entry to sites such as B4N.

As always, let me know what you think.

If people had only known way back then that Navari had a big crush on Karl Rove's buddy, Matt Damschroder, perhaps he wouldn't have been able to continue with his own psy-op here at BreakForDisinfoNews.

Oh wait. Forgot about the sock puppets.
Twisted Evil
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 11:23 am    Post subject: Try to replace thinking with knowing. Reply with quote

We would be better served by Full Spectrum Awareness.

Liberty is conferred by the lack of resistance to what you do. (Usually in terms of what society dictates and what the laws and police enforce.)

Awareness is the ability to discern your needs and determine the most effective means to acquire them. This function of consciousness is the material extension of our ethereal presence. As such, its manifestation is a direct indication of our person.

The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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Wu Li

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2007 1:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Direct Democracy HMMM?
I do believe that in the world we are in today this sounds like the media controlled being lead towards disaster.
NOW if we play by their game then we will understand that they hide their indiscretions through a corporate structure.
The Power Elite class do not work as individuals but as corporate entities with interest therein.
I do believe if we all wish to combat this disease inflicting our society then individuals may also may have to play their game to defeat them.
The massive Globalization project suceeds because they hide behind Corporate Personhood.
So I do believe we may have to do the same. It sounds like a bad sci-fi flick but if individuals along with willing parties began to incorporate and made contracts within their own circles then we all may do the same and start to take back this power vacuum.
Contractual agreements between individuals that may even be communities who hold land assets and some financial worth. This is what they do and have been doing for a while.
Direct Democracy may be nothing more than the power of any Corporate individuals self worth. Communities may allign themselves with other corporate individuals to create a more potent power block.
I know this sounds wierd or creepy but I also hope you all understand the true dilemma we find ourselves in today.
In order to redirect the system people must be united but if we associate ourselves loosely through the electoral process then we are all singular.
If we bind ourselves in a Lawfull union then we become stronger and also may venture forth to find other unions to allign ourselves.

We may not want to eliminate the corporation but use this very thing to make everyone non-complicit in the same capacity they see themselves.
Just a thought.
In this way we as people will all become mini corporations and larger corporate entities contractually in order to fight powers that have been built for at least hundreds of years.
Every person is a corporation or signed into one.
Forget about political corporate unions because it is a surface issue.
The individual Him/Her self must become a corporate entity or a part of one.
AGAIN, I know I sound like a lunatic but this is exactly how the world is going.
If we decide to seize power then we must do this as Lawful Citizens with contractual agreements between us.
My land can be taken away because I leave it up to the Corporate entity called the STATE.
I say that individuals must come together in their own self interest to create our own little Oligopoly just like them.
Of course there are many variables therein and is not as simply as I state it.
I understand the idea of individual freedom but wish to pose an alternative to the same dilemma we find ourselves.
All becomes the same university debate which I have become really sick. I do believe since some say we are all numbers and corporate entities anyway then why not create contracts between ourselves in self interest in order to become blocks of power.
People have done this many times on the internet through information dissemination so why not create multi facetted organizations that lead to the beliefs of individuals in which everyone has a common interest.
I think I sound niave but these people do it every day, dont they?
I would like to here some thoughts on this.
Thank you

There are many versions of infinity and this is just one.
Hello, how are you?
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Wu Li

Joined: 20 Feb 2007
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Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 9:49 pm Post subject:
Blocks of assest holders who retain their self worth but contribute as a percentage or share holder to the main entity.
In this way we block any encroachment upon our jurisdiction.
Just as communities similarly are set up now but without the taxation issues of the individual.
If they wish to tax us for our individual freedom then we can differ this towards the corporation.
Is this not what they are doing?
I hold a state ID and by 2008 may hold a Federal ID no?
Well I speak of succession as a legal term where it does not accur in reality but by happenstance.
Is this not what they are doing?
They are using legal jargin to usurp the ideals we have held dear.
I say go outside their jurisdiction through corporate law and form blocks of people who wish to be incorporated into a strong entity.
Yes this deals with trust and infultration but this is why we have contractual agreements.
Just going through the thought process.
Direct Democracy will have to ensure the process.
The only way to trust the outcome without infultration is through corporate contractual agreements.
We must understand that we have all become or have been an asset of the state in which we are in so why not bind ourselves in a union of liberation.

Again I will wait your responses.
I would like to read Navari since he is responsible for "Full spectrum Liberty"

"Fear is the passion of slaves."
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