Major Peaks: Collapse begun today. First was in South Tyrol

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For the major peaks in the world, end times reductionism, not to be confused with erosion, begun today.
You did not hear it in the news (1), but fact is that the first major mountain ridge to be disfigured was the Sexten Dolomites, in South Tyrol, Italy.
The first major peak: Cima Una, the first of the five peaks of the The Sexten Sundial. (2)
Ironically, the collapse begins just a few days after End Times Prophet revealed the solution to the extinction of the dinosaurs.(3)

(1) Only newswire in english that Google News could find, almost 24 hours later: ... kslide.php
A mountain ridge collapsed Friday sending a cascade of rocks and dust thundering down a valley in northeast Italy, officials said. No injuries were reported.The collapse filled the Fiscalina valley in the Dolomite mountains with dust, obstructing visibility, but most of the rubble landed on a deserted mountainside.
(2) Video at end of page here ... 6413080201
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