Audio: CIA Fakes, 9/11 and the Holocaust

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9/11 and the Holocaust

Topics in this Show:
  • - CIA Fakes 1 Year On - An Update
    - The Holocaust Smear on 9/11 Truth
    - The Grisly Truth About Iraq
    - Global Cooling & Resource Denial

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The Saddest Attempt at Holocaust Denial I've Ever Seenl

Eric Hufschmid talks with Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, and Jason Bermas

To get away with crimes, pretend to be a crime fighter

Prove the Holocaust was all a lie

Host: Daryl Bradford Smith Guest: "The Coward" Eric Hufschmid

David Cole, a Jewish Holocaust Truth Seeker

Neo-nazis driving the 9/11 "Truth" movement?

Disclaimer by Jerry Quickley
It came to my attention on the afternoon of 2/15/06, that one of the thank you gifts offered on Beneath the Surface (CONFRONTING THE EVIDENCE RE-OPEN 911) the previous evening, contains content from Eric Hufschmid. Among literature authored by Mr. Hufschmid and offered on his website, are views that contain and express the denial of the Holocaust. Even though these views are not expressed in the DVD offered on Beneath the Surface, prior to broadcasting content from the DVD, I was unaware of these views. While anyone is entitled to their views, I find Holocaust Denial, in any form, patently objectionable and historically wrong. In the future I will not include any content whatsoever from Mr. Hufschmid that does not clearly and obviously indicate his offensive views of the Holocaust.

History is Warped

An Urgent Warning to American Free Press

Has Jimmy Walter lost his mind?

Investigative Journalist Harassed And Beaten At His Home By Undercover Cops
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You Know I thought something was kind of funny..............when for weeks I was coming to the forum and reading posts............

Then all of the sudden..........I see posts concerning....The holocaust, Man on the Moon and then O.J. Simpson............HA..........

Even though I was suckered in...........I remember thinking.........Is this the same forum?????

Now that I think about it..........even UFO's was brought up...............
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maverik said:
I see posts concerning....The holocaust, Man on the Moon and then O.J. Simpson............HA..........
That *is* weird - I don't remember Eric 'I like to beat over tragedy creepy egg-head' Hufschmid denying OJ's existence.... :wink:
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Love the new audio, Fintan

(still listening)

I've listened to all of your audios - but this is really one of the absolute best.... wish every American could listen to this.
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Just heard that Eric Hufschmid's half-sister is married to the son of Zionist billionaire Rupert Murdoch. Red flag?

Here's a radio show from today that discusses this connection:

Thu., August 31, 2006
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Kickass broadcast tonight, Fintan. Right on.
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Finton, the point made regarding CFC's as being 'vital to 3rd world economies' rings hollow. Ammonia absorption is an alternate technology, not to mention Advanced Ammonia Absorption technology, running entirely off of the sun. I question who it serves to present only a small part of the story.

EDIT: and the same for oil. Providing oil is no a solution, it is a bandaid on a wound that will not heal, and creates more problems (long term) than it solves (short term).

As far as I'm concerned the entire issue of 9/11 is a red hearing, and time would be better spent working towards a better future, rather than chasing ghosts of the past. We will see no justice regarding 9//11, scapegoats will be blamed, but the money has already been made, and it will not be refunded.

EDIT2: or is 9/11 being used as distraction from the truth regarding the moon landings? Does anyone see what I'm saying?
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EDIT2: or is 9/11 being used as distraction from the truth regarding the moon landings?
I read that three times to be certain that he's not kidding. I'm sending that one in for comedian Jon Stewart. It's that hilarious.

Yeah, the government blew up the world trade center to distract public attention from the 'truth regarding' the moon landings.

I've already said that today to two friends of mine, a liberal and a neocon, and they both couldn't quit laffin'.
That's why the 911 is moon hoax coverup disinfo is being spread. It's a setup to make questioning the War on Terror appear hair brained.

The 'War on Terror' began on 911. The whole 'War on Terror', PATRIOT Act, invasions/occupations of Afgahnistan and Iraq ride on 911.
911 is the key.
Which makes it something never to drop down the memory hole.

You are kidding, Aspectus--right?
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John Stewart is now on the payroll of CNN.

Comedy Central=CNN.


Damian Flynn
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I would have to agree that no one really cares about the Moon landings. It's not really worth discussing, since it was a psyop, wheather it was real or not. It was also nearly 40 years ago. When I first heard that the moon thing might have been a hoax I thought it would be impossible, because the commies would have pointed that out to us. I'm not too sure about that these days. When ever I read about interviews with Neil Armstrong, there's always some spooky journalist promoting the idea that Neil doesn't like to talk too much about the landings, 'cause he's so humble and such a nice guy. They might sometimes even throw in the word "inspirational". All that gay journalist jargon always makes me suspicious.
Now for the Jews. I have no doubt that many Jews suffered under the German government, but I've never seen any evidence of mass gassing. In fact, most evidence is to the contrary. If the Germans set up mass extermination facilities for the Jews, then there would be very few, so called "holocaust survivors". The Germans are not that incompetent. Our government loves to show films of piles of starved and diseased dead bodies found at the end of the war, but I've never seen the body of a Jew who was gassed. Some Hollywood movies even pretend that saving the Jews was the whole point of the war in Europe lol, or that D-day was the begining of the end for Hitler. What a joke. Germany was in chaos towards the end of the war, with it's cities in ruins, and the army along with a whole generation of German men were destroyed in the east. The average German soldier often endured long periods of short supply and food. Naturaly, prisoners and people considered to be enemies of the state would have a lower priority when it comes to the distribution of very limited resources. There was also too much demand on medical staff and supplies. I know this is a sensitive topic for some people, so if anyone knows a website which displays reasonable evidence of 6 million dead gassed Jews or how they were disposed of, please provide the link. I don't like being ignorant. I'm not saying that the holocaust didn't happen, I'm just saying that there's no hard evidence for the fantastic story of gas chambers where millions of people died. If the holocaust did happen as reported in the pop media, then there is a deliberate attempt to promote holocaust denialism by holding back evidence. I know the German public was psychologicaly prepared to commit mass murder so nothing would surprise me. I can't help but think that if the 6 million gassed Jews was a reality, then there should be enough evidence to silence the denialists. Also, an other thing which makes me suspicious about the official story is the word "denialist". Denialist, as opposed to what? A believer? They use the word "denialist" as if it could have negative meaning. As if all good people are faithful "believers". I would much rather be called a denialist than a believer. Believing is what started WW2 in the first place.
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John Stewart is now on the payroll of CNN.
shhh! You're preaching to the choir, Atm. You didn't get the joke! Who better than Stewart to deliver an absurd line like that to get people to laugh at questioning the 911 Commission report?

Point was, it's just funny. Because it's so dumb it's 'cute'.

yep, the gub'ment blew up the World Trade Center to coverup the 'secret' of the moon landings back in '69 to '72. I guess the coverups back then must have been the secret bombing of Cambodia, and Watergate. .... that's the logic.

The bottom line is, neither the moon landings (1969-72) OR the holocaust (WWII) have anything whatsoever to do with 911. Associating either of them with 911 does have a relationship. Which is--undermining dissent of the official 911 Commission's 'case closed' report.
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Great show, Fintan. Huffsmidt used to be able to push my "angry-button", to the point where I seriously considered sending a few painful questions to his inbox pointing out a few things... Listening to him on Stadtmiller's show I only feel sorry for the guy and everyone connected to him. I believe I read an email exchange between him and one of the more 'serious' 9/11 researchers out there a year or so ago, where he said: "..that if I want to argue with anyone about 9/11, all I have to do is talk to my brother..", so obviously there are som family issues there.

My brother doesn't agree with what I am saying, and I don't try to discuss with people who are not willing to do the necessary research in order to argue. Being a former military, currently psych student and what I term a "conservative surfer" who is content (sort of...) with life, he just don't want to listen to my arguments about Afghanistan, Iraq, psyhops, the desire for strategic and economic power and hegemony, etc... It's contitioning, I know, but he is perfectly willing to accept the possibility of a moon hoax and the existence of a secret government. Does anyone have a non-scientific explanation for this "phenomenon"? Is it the "fiction factor" vs. the "unbelievable-facts-I-think-I'll-deny-it-factor"? I understand it intellectually, but still....

Anyway... you painted a picture in very strong colours from Iraq, Fintan, pictures that I have been 'struggeling' with personally, because the implications of "believing" that scenario is so utterly unbelievable and inhumane (speaking from my emotional center). But I realize that it is in fact taking place, and that fuels my desire to uncover the grizzly facts about what's really taking place, and the agenda behind it. I really feel sorry for those soliders. I am a very emotional person, but I am gradually learnig to distinguish between the emotinal aspects and the mindset required to really see the facts for what they are. I owe much of this to my realtively recent study into 9/11.

As for global cooling, I also enjoyed the views expressed in that regard. I'm voting what is equivalent to the US green party here in Norway, and I am as such concerned about the environment, but I am very aware of the propaganda and the exagerations given that I am also a student of the history of this planet (from social/political aspects through anthropology to geology). The planet has been through numerous changes, many much more severe than what we are experienceing today as it pertains to pollution and the like. Misunderstand me correctly, there are certainly things we can do differently, especially as I think pollution to a greater extent affects the human body, resulting in histamine-related and respiratorial diseases.

The scare-propaganda of 'point of no return' (in the 80').... well, I don't think that is the case. Living in Norway, often visiting the mountains and breathing the fresh air there, I just can't believe that's the case. As a guest of yours said in a radio show some time back...what is global climate really? Some glaciers (in Norway) are getting bigger, some places are getting warmer... It's political, is it not...? (generally spoken).

I'll be looking forward to upcoming shows.

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