Alex Salmond is an NWO whore

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"People of England what you need to do is forget about wanting to leave the EU, instead focus in on constitutional reform within your country. Yes, that's right people of England, forget about the fact that you don't control your borders, forget about the ceding of sovereignty to an unelected unaccountable centrall mafia of Europe. That's right people of England marginalise the issue....your fight is with UKIP, you must never question, or recall the fact that the EU became the dictator by circumcenting democacy and instead installing their own puppets into power in both Greece and of course Italy.

People of England, your fight is not with the EU, the EU loves you, world government is good

What a vile piece of scum is and YES, don't get it twisted Farage plays his part too, these are all actors in small roles to a bigger scipt.
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