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I found this article interesting folks. Fintan graciously keeps us abreast of the current news and he reported on this story by the Washington Post and as always, I read dissect and see where the news comes from and why.

So we have this symposium on cyber security where Alex Stamos of Yay-hoo grills NSA Chief Mike Rogers on warrant-less wire tapping and data mining. ... id=rssfeed

Here's where it gets interesting.

The very conference was sponsored by a non-profit think tank called New America, where people from all walks of the NWO reside on the bored (that's right, bored not board) of heir direktors.

This was merely a front of spoon fed news that make us useless fools think there are companies in the U.S. that actually oppose the alphabet soup agencies relentless pursuit of intelligence of us all. Nope.. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

New America is chaired by George Soros' little hiney hit man son Johnny Boy, Bilderberg tool Eric Schmidt, Financial comptroller of Mikey Bloomberg's vast fortune, Steven Rattner, Dis-info agent Fareed Zakaria, Morgan Stanley goon Willy Gerrity, and many, many others.

How can you trust anyone of these clowns with the connections they have, to put on a fair and balanced forum on cyber-security?

"Not gonna happen folks. Its no good for ya."

Go Back to Bed America...
The Lies have always been different at every Level...
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