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It's been a long time since I've posted here and not having regular access to a desktop or even laptop was a huge factor in that, amongst so many other much more positive things, like life taking off 8)

I'll try to be around more often, but not quite sure how soon that will I've decided to hit this topic hard if I'm going to hit one.

---Already feeling that I'm rusty and long-winded, bear with me folks---

I realize there is a lot going on in this world but let's start with our guts.

As of July 2016 I have essentially been diagnosed "celiac".
First by a naturopath who was tinfoil free and gave similar advice as DogtorJ (more on this in a bit)
Then by an MD who I trust, said it's not worth paying the $2-5k for a test that fails half the time.

So here's what I've gathered, in lazy convenient bullet points.

---John Symes is absolutely spot on.

--- It's becoming less "fad" and more "epidemic" by the day.

--- I've probably had "this" since I was young.

--- Without cannabis my stomach would have eaten itself.

--- If you have this and can't get cannabis, move to a state where you can. Dose up on CBD (simplified somewhat misleadingly as "indica", you won't actually be high) oil for pain and THC or Full Spectrum oil aka RSO to knock your ass into sleeps that will repair you

--- All of my family health problems point at food allergies.

--- All of my health problems have pointed at food allergies.

--- I kept cheating.

--- Almost 30.

--- Now my gut is saying "FUCK YOU!!!!!!"
Constant pain. Joint pain. Unable to focus. Bloated. Puking up foamy bile EVERY morning.

Until I quit gluten, soy, and dairy. Almost overnight.

Corn and nightshades next.

Let's chat folks. Where are we at with this? Hope to be lively in the discussion I prompt here.
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