U.S. President is a Foreign Spy

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0bama is a foreign spy working for Al-Mabahith Al Aammah AKA the Saudi Royal Intelligence Service.

a declassified document I found at intelnews.org as well as the current events and news confirm who he is working for his brother funding the Muslim brotherhood, his face to the ground for Saudi royals, and other convincing evidence ...

it is the Saudis who've financed the immigration of insurgents under the guise of refugees to the Europe and the west, by bribing western leaders to accept them, and in MKultra days the Saudis financed the drugging of America through the Mexican mafia.

I wont go into details for the uninitiated as it takes weeks minimum to supply sources but there will be 1 in 1000 who have sufficient studies to see this is true.

Saudis have been threatening the west since oil sales began using the vast wealth to corrupt governments and infiltrate the highest levels of intelligence agencies ... in 1959 a CIA report found that well over half CIA agents were receiving graft from foreign agencies/governments/mafias as the CIA never did pay agents that well and incomes were supplemented

fast forward to 0nama ...
0bama ran with the Chicago mob in the 60s he was a heroin user with friend Mic Jagger and well connected to the Cosa Nostra mob that Kennedys and others were allied with.

0bama came into the political scene with a black chip on his shoulder and seeking revenge against ''Christian white'' America became a Muslim as millions of black Americans did to protest their treatment.

Enter the Saudi royals ...

the HOUSE OF SAUD are the true JEWS by heritage
they are a mix of African and Nordic blood lines with other hybrid qualities and long time [thousands of years] enemies of Nordic white tribes

The Saudi Arabs have invaded Europe before conquering as far as Germany which is how the Khazars began

[you really need to be educated to follow this I have 40 years of research I wont post due to copyright but will tell the readers digest condensed version]

Obama feeling chumped by whites did everything possible to use his allies to make it to the top [bottom] and in 2008 paid his debts by bailing out several bankrupt banks, wall street brokers under criminal investigation, and 3 broke auto manufacturers and dozens of other bailouts to ensure solid support

Once in his agenda was simple
act as a foreign agent for white peoples oldest and greatest enemy the Jews or more understandably [most have no idea Saudis are the Jews] the Saudi Royals who Bush worked with to destroy America on 9-11

Now if there part of this you don't understand or agree with do some reading first, I wont take questions that aren't researched I'm not at beginner level on this subject so read for a couple weeks before replying unless you are up to speed.

I assure you after 40 years studying intelligence operations and military analysis as well as genetic heritage and blood lines that OBAMA IS A SAUDI SPY .... ABSOLUTELY!

A war with the Saudis may not be winnable for Aryan Nordics being that Russia and to some degree China are better allied with them than the west which began as Anglo Nordic nations/colonies ...

but a war worth losing if the implications of NOT fighting it are clearly understood.

Here's a YouTube that might help to understand the purpose of fighting the unwinnable war.

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