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Currently on his Clandestime podcast Secker is featuring an analysis attempting to nail down just what is Al Qaeda. In the first podcast he presents four versions of Al Qaeda, a. the GWB worldwide Mafia-style network, 2. Adam Curtis' Power of Nightmares version where the organization was very small but if you were a rabid enough jihadi Bin Laden would finance your terror scheme, 3. a terrorist bombing was a natural consequence of intelligence agencies throwing money out into the Islamists' hands and 4. the 9/11 truther "AL CIADA" version.

I like this new tack Secker is taking as he usually podcasts about the CIA and Hollywood in a glib "Oh well, the CIA does what the CIA does," kind of voice.

I like Secker as a guy because he is smart and witty but he does frustrate my thinking about conspiracy theories. It was his 7/7 video (which is hard to find nowadays) which got me started thinking as I do and, not that Secker has gone rah rah government!, he has tempered his opinions to a deep and overly thoughtful (which is dumb on my part) level of skepticism of both the truthers and the intelligence agencies. But he is so analytical, like here where he offers four versions of Al Qaeda, I wish he'd take a damn side once in a while.

What do you think of Tom Secker? ... ur-models/
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