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11 Nov

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Purple America:
No Red and Blue Lies, 14th Nov., 2004
by Fintan Dunne, Editor

For Kerry supporters, the most awful sight of the night of November 2nd, 2004 was to watch a red Republican tide sweep across the election result maps on network television.

By early next morning, America's hue seemed as bloody as it's foreign war in Iraq. But, those maps --like the rest of Bush's "victory"-- were just an illusion. The truth was much less black and white. Or much less Red and Blue, to be precise.

The maps had made the alleged vote for Bush look like a landslide. Even if Bush had won a state by the slimmest of margins, the majoritarian impulse colors that's state's electorate entirely as Bush supporters.

A Purple America tells a different tale.

Professor Robert J. Vanderbei of Princeton University prepared a County-by-County map with colors which better represent all shades of political opinion: blue for Democrats, red for Republicans, and green is for all other. The mix of these three color components shade each county. His America looks like a different country, but still does not tell the full story.

The states where George Bush did well, have huge land areas --but tend to be much more sparsely populated than true blue Democrat states. So, Assistant Professor Michael Gastner, of Michigan University and colleagues have adjusted Vanderbei's map to reflect the actual populations of red, blue and green voters. The result is an America quite unlike the two-tone, TV version.


Finally, we at BreakForNews re-tinted their population-based map to take account of the many varieties of VoteFraud perpetrated on the American people by the Bush bandwagon.

We took account of pre-election VoteFrauds: laws to disenfranchise ex-felons, residency laws to render students ineligible to vote, covert campaigns to toss registrations in the trash, the mislaying of tens of thousands of absentee ballots, and widespread intimidation of minority Democratic voters.

We included election day VoteFrauds such as the failure to provide known Democrat areas with enough voting facilities, the selective conversion of Kerry votes into spoiled votes, the diversion of votes into provisional ballots destined never to be counted, and yet more intimidation.

We factored in election count VoteFrauds such as the mystery of there being many more votes than people who voted, the use of voting machines which counted backward, the issuance of entirely fictional election results, and the invisible electronic massaging of the Bush vote --which left it's footprints in strange outcomes wherever technology allowed.

The television map was a fiction based on thuggery, thievery and a tacit nod to fascism by the moguls of the media.

Our last adjustment completes the redrawing of America.


The true color of America is a purple haze. But with a distinct blue tinge which bears simple testimony to the Kerry victory hinted at by the massive Democratic turnout and the revealing exit polls.

More than that, our map paints a picture of a country where neighbors sit close. A land where shades of opinion blend. A land which should be at peace with its own diversity.

It envisions an America where every voter who awoke on the morning of November 2nd with an intent to vote Bush out of office, was magically able to convert that wish into a valid vote.

To put that simply: a Democracy.

If that's the real America, you better call a cop. Someone just stole it.

Fintan Dunne

" I stole the
election, and
   you can't
prove it !
--Karl Rove

Wanna bet?  VoteFraud Page
11 Nov

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Bev Harris:
First Breakthru in Florida !

Dueling lawyers, election officials gnashing
teeth, film crew catching it all.

This is it. The first crack in Florida. Time to talk about contesting the election in Volusia.

After a day of furious auditing Bev, Andy and Kathleen of Black Box Voting have uncovered discrepant results in Volusia county. Their attorny has LOCKED DOWN all poll tapes, memory cartridges and the GEMS central tabulator.

The discrepancies were concentrated in mainly minority areas. They also found some very interssting things in trash obtained early this morning via an FOIA request. At one point they were threatened with arrest. Full Story
Google Censors VoteFraud Stories

Search engine, Google is ignoring thousands of news stories which are in its news database --all about the alleged theft of the U.S. presidential election. Google : Working hard to preserve the Status Quo.
Conservative Lawyer Backs VoteFraud ! MUST READ

We've Been
by Edgar J. Steele

Houston, we have a problem.

Look -the people apparently disenfranchised this time around primarily are those with whom I generally disagree, but the fundamental unfairness of what has taken place offends me, not to mention the path down which America now treads.

If this is what it means to be conservative today, I want to be liberal .Read
" I think Kerry actually won the election and allowed
Bush to steal it. In retrospect, it appears to me that
Al Gore did the same thing." - Edgar J Steele

MSNBC on Votefraud
Did Your Vote Count?

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MSNBC Countdown last night examined VoteFraud. Keith Olberman spotlighted problems with the vote in Ohio, and in 29 Florida counties which had overwhelmingly voted for Bush.
Email the show your support

Video  Media Player
Election Frauds
and Fictions

No Mandate,
Maybe No Election,
Why No Attention?

In one Ohio precinct, Bush got 4,258 votes, when only 638 ballots were cast. Was this an isolated anomaly, or the tip of a very ugly iceberg? And why are the media --and John Kerry-- seemingly so indifferent to the answer?
Broward County is Screwed

Am I working on a conspiracy theory that Republican operatives stole the ballots? You bet.

In Broward County, it's never stupid to theorize that the worst has happened. Remember that we're talking about anything up to 58,000 ballots. Literally tons of them. Kind of hard to lose, if you think about it. Whether it was caused by cluelessness or criminal minds, Broward needs the truth. And it's going to take more than a Jeb Bush brushoff to get it.
" I stole the
election, and
   you can't
prove it !
--Karl Rove

Wanna bet?  VoteFraud Page
11 Nov

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   Monday 14 Nov

Florida Style Nightmare
in North Carolina

Oh Brother, Ohio,
and O'Reilly

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Smoking gun in N Mexico?

Ohio Dems in on the Fix?

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Have the people really
spoken at the polls?

eVote Fraud : Brief History

Broward counts backward

Resistance Will Continue

Power Conceded Nothing

Clear Tampering by
CNN with exit polls

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"Those who cast the votes decide

Those who count
the votes decide everything."

--Joe Stalin

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